Mar 19, 2010

Iogear Bluetooth Stereo Adapter - Wireless Audio!

I have been using the Iogear Bluetooth Stereo Adapter a lot. It sounds fantastic and I avoid the mess of cables that would otherwise happen.  I especially hate cables, and every headphone out there gets hot or begin hurting your ears after a while.  The solution was this awesome wireless adapter.

Gear on the Video:
Iogear Bluetooth Stereo Adapter - Here's a better adapter by Miccus
Lenovo S10-3T
Kensington Bluetooth Adapter

Using Toshiba Bluetooth stack -


Anonymous said...

Jesse -
FYI - Your link takes to Iogear Headphones, not the adapter.

Jesse B Andersen said...

Thanks for letting me know. The links are fixed. I won't use Bitly anymore because they love to change your link with their tags and therefore it throws things to the wrong places. Thanks!

There is also a better adapter too from BluBridge called the Miccus BBMR-02 Which has excellent reviews. It's one to look at.

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