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Mar 16, 2010

iSiVaL Instruments MINI Projector MP720B1

I have wanted to create a setup with a projector for the longest time. Browsing through the internet I found a link to a very interesting product that had/has not gained enough attention. This is the iSiVaL Instruments projector (MP720B1). It mostly got my attention because of the small form factor, really great life (30,000 hours), and 720p to 1080p video resolution. For $500 it seemed too good to be true. So I ordered one and I'm super amazed at how well this projector works.  Other pico projectors might be about $300 to $400 but they don't offer as high resolution as this device does.  They might be a little more portable but they really don't deliver the picture quality that the iSiVaL does.

If I used this projector 8 hours a day it would give me 3,750 days or close to 10 years worth of life.  This is by far a better alternative to expensive projectors which you need to replace burned light lamps every once in a while.  If you had to haul around a 80 inch HDTV you would be in a lot of trouble, with the iSiVaL projector it's super easy to move from place to place.

It's not meant to work with a room with too much light, which is totally fine with me.  My "cave" is dark enough.

If you want the full info visit:
iSiVaL Mini Projector

Excerpt from their website:

The new SiVal MP720B1 Hi-Definition Mini projector is the longest life mini-projector available with its cutting-edge LED technology. Its High Definition LCOS projection technology helps your presentation be memorable and successful. This portable and quiet projector is suitable to watch HD movies or play games .
  • 1280 x 768 HD Native Resolution - support 1080p, display up to 980,000 pixels with 16:9 (native) and 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Long Projection Life - This mercury-free LED light source has a long life up to 30,000 hours, saves money, and avoids replacing light sources. No warming up, no cooling down.
  • LCOS technology - Liquid Crystal On Single chip technology brings you life-like images and video.
  • Easy Connectivity - Multiple interfaces (HDMI, VGA, CVBS) deliver high quality connectivity to laptops, desktops, DVD/Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles. HDCP supported
  • Keystone Adjustment
  • Easy Usability - Easily controlled by Keypad on projector or by Remote Cotrol
  • Portable - Compact design with 5.9’’X 1.97’’ X 4.92’’ and a 1.76 pounds
  • Green Device - With the efficient, mercury-free LED technology, you can help protect our planet.


Anonymous said...


Just a question: it is given 60 Lumens, that means you need a complete dark room and not a too big screen, right? What screen size can you use at 2m distance?

But I like this kind of LED projectors, nice!


Jesse B Andersen said...

Yes you need a dark room to fully see the colors. You can see from my video that as soon as I turn the lights on the image washes up quite a bit. If you are in a 100% dark room the image is amazing.

At 2 Meters away from the surface you will get 60cm height and 107cm width
The same as a 48 inch wide screen tv.

At 2 meters and 76cm you get:
83cm height and 148cm width
The same as a 67 inch wide screen tv.

At about 3 meters
93cm height and 163cm width
The same as 74 inch wide screen tv

Move the projector a little bit more back and you can get a 80 inch wide screen display! One day I will take the projector somewhere and try an entire building wall. It's going to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Did you try putting up an 80" wide screen and watch a movie with a background lights - say a small overhead (or floor standing light)?

Would be great to see a video with that setup and see how well it'll work with a not-completely dark environment but where there is some small/light background.


Jesse B Andersen said...

Thanks for the idea. I'll record a video and cover that. Completely dark environments are best, but we'll try a small light and maybe a laptop screen or LCD monitor.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am planning to buy this projector. It doesnt come with a bag right? Do you have any suggestions for a good protection bag for this projector? I checked out your euqipment and i didn't find anything like this. Just let us know if u found something good. I'm still looking for a perfect bag. thanks.

Jesse B Andersen said...

It doesn't come with a bag. I do my fare share of travelling so I'll look around for one. My suggestions is to look at Best Buy for the best possible fit. Take your projector in there and try different bags.

Another option is to look online for one. Which makes it a bit trickier to find the right size. You got lots of options

The projector's dimensions are these:
1.96’’ x 5.78’’x 5.11

I'm looking for one that will also hold my Lenovo S10-3T and the iSival projector together. If I find something that fits perfectly I will post it on the site.

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