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Feb 25, 2010

Thoughts on the Acer AR1600 Nettop

I bought the AR1600 to try out the Nvidia ION processor. I ran a 1080p video (it's one of those microsoft wmv 1080p videos). The Nettop runs the video fine, it does take a little bit to load videos. You can run lots of 3D games, maybe not Crysis, but it can do so much more than netbooks can.

This pc is low profile and very low noise. It can be a great compliment to a TV as a media center pc.

Specs and info on the Nettop:

Accell Ultra AV Active Display Port for Three Monitor Goodness

If you have an ATI Radeon HD5870 you will need an Active Display Port to run your third monitor. This is for monitors that do not have a display port already. Basically this adapter gets the display port output from your HD 5870 and converts it to DVI. That's the only way you can run Eyefinity.

These can be some of the results:

On the videos:
HP 2509m 25 inch monitors -
ATI Radeon 5870 -
Accell UltraAV Displayport/DVI adapter -
Recorded with Flip UltraHD -

Erik the Viking

This is one crazy movie. Full movie:

Melbourne IT Review

I used Melbourne IT for one of my domains.

At first there were some issues:
Could not create CNAME records to redirect my domain to a blog
Could not call them via phone
Their web help files are ok, not great
Customer support takes about 1 week to respond to your emails

I managed to talk to their CEO Theo Hnarakis and my issues took about two days to resolve with a person dedicated to my account only.  If you have issues with anything Melbourne IT I highly recommend trying to reach an executive.

Apparently there was some issues with their domain management system and my actions helped resolve the CNAME creation issue.  Something useful came out of drastic action.

Microsoft Live Webhosting Review

Don't waste your money.

  • $15 for domain and hosting
  • Easy editing of files (via windows explorer)
  • No FTP support
  • Horrible support for web 2.0
  • Webpage images take long to load
  • Horrible customer support (robot like)
Some alternatives:
Yahoo Webhosting
Canaca Webhosting
Blogger - for blogs

Feb 10, 2010

The Free FTP is a website that allows anyone to host files online for free.  You can use it for anything you want.

Feb 9, 2010

Switching from Windows Live Webhosting

From Live Webhosting to google apps.  The nightmare begins.

Live Webhosting
  Domain and hosting for $15
  Easy file editing

  Poor support for blogging systems
  No FTP ( can help )
  Horrible customer support (they are like robots)

Live webhosting sucked for blogging so I decided to transfer my domain, by default your domain management will be transfered to Melbourne IT.

I have to say that Melbourne IT is a big company and getting things done will take time.  I have wanted to have my blog at my domain name.  However Melbourne IT has had lots of issues (this is not just me).

One simple issue that drove me crazy:
I could not create CNAME records.  I tried in a million different ways to create this and had no success.
It was something simple:
Hostname: www Points to: type CNAME.  This was not possible to create.

I tried their help system, and it didn't fix any issues.  Then I tried their customer service messaging system.  Nothing.  I tried to call them and could not get a hold of their Australian offices.

I decided to go loco and begin destroying the company.
I posted complaints on Facebook, Twitter, lots of blogs.
I emailed ICANN.
I modified Melbourne IT's wikipedia
I sent customer service over 100 messages of my complaints

This had no immediate effect whatsoever.  Then I decided to break the chain of command and contact the CEO of the company directly.  Mr. Theo Hnarakis.   I sent one of the worst complaints I have ever written.  Amazingly Mr. Hnarakis answered back.  He sent my message to all of the executives at the company and within minutes Melbourne IT's support was contacting me.

When the support specialist tried to do the changes that I tried he failed.  He couldn't do it and apparently there was a glitch in the system.  He is submitting the glitch and hopefully gets fixed soon.  Lots of other people have been complaining about it but never took it to someone who can act on the complaint.

My website is still not up, but I'm sure that after these actions the website will be up.  Thanks, Hnarakis for caring about your company and your customers.

Note:  I'm also updating all the places were I posted my rants about Melbourne IT, including the wikipedia page.

Feb 5, 2010

Performed Music Relaunched


Performed Music is a website that focuses on really creative artists creating music on the spot.  They hit the record button and perform as best as they can.  All of the equipment used in each video is listed, this helps people who want to know what gear is being used so they too can eventually create similar music.

Feb 2, 2010

3D Connexion Space Navigator Reviewed

My review of the 3D Connexion Space Navigator. In short good hardware, crappy software.

The Space Navigator is a 3D mouse.  You can navigate through 3d worlds with it or you can rotate, pan, zoom objects while designing them.

My biggest issue with the Space Navigator is the lack of support for software.  You are limited to what 3D Connexion says you can use.  If your software is not supported you cannot program the movements (like a game pad with games)

Solid hardware

Very closed software

I recommend the Space Navigator if the program you want to use is supported. Don't fool yourself into waiting for support.  3D Connexion's programmers have failed at programming software.

Where to get it:

Blogger to Live Webhosting

The definite guide to getting Blogger into your Live Webhosting account.

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