Jan 20, 2013

Sony HDR-PJ710V - Box Contents & Some Details

Gear: Sony HDR-PJ710V.

I have been using a Sony HDR-CX150 for many years, but it's time for an upgrade.  The PJ710V offers better quality video and pictures, more stability, faster zoom, and many other features.  I bought the camera used, so the contents of the box could be different to a new one.

Along with the PJ710V I bought a Canon EOS 60D.  I think both of them are great.  The EOS 60D has many powerful settings and thus can offer better quality images.  The EOS 60D can do 18MP images, and the PJ710V 24.1 MP, which means larger files.  The MP difference is not indicative of the image quality.  Of course, the PJ710V has very good quality images and what it can do is sufficient for my needs.  The 24.1 MP images are certainly an upgrade over the 3MP of the HDR-CX150.

On the video side I think the PJ710V is better, with a resolution of 1920x1080 at 60 FPS, and even 5.1 surround sound audio recording.  The EOS 60D can do up to 1920x1080 at 30 FPS.  The difference in framerate can matter when moving the camera, or having moving objects.  The SteadyShot and fast zooming of the PJ710V are superb features.

The PJ710V is the same as the HDR-PJ760V, except there is a difference on internal storage memory.  The PJ760V has 96GB, the PJ710V only has 32GB; poor PJ710V!  Both of them accept SDHC and SDXC cards so they can have more storage.

Because the PJ710V can do what I need I have chosen to keep this, and sell the Canon EOS 60D.

Now here are the box content images.

The front of the box.

The back.

Right side.

The left side.

Opening the box.

Inside the box.

All of the box contents.

Manuals, warranty, etc.

The power cable.

The included battery is the NP-FV50 and only has 1030 mAh, there are larger and better batteries available.

HDMI and Composite RCA cable.

A USB cable extension (male usb to female)

Lens hood.

Included SanDisk SDHC is a 32GB Class 10 (highest performing SDHC card).  SDXC cards can have larger storage, and faster transfer speeds.

The remote, the CX150 didn't have one.

The battery of the remote.

The top: Photo button, zoom, active interface shoe, GPS, and 5.1 surround mic.

Active Interface Shoe.  You can connect microphones, lights, and other attachments on this shoe.

Grip side.

USB cable is built in.

Mic in, stereo out, and A/V R.

Lens side: light (both constant and flash), the 10x Wide Optical Carl Zeiss lens (it straightens when the camera is turned on), 52mm UV filters and lens can be attached, nightshot infrared, Manual focus knob.

View Finder side: Projector, and the top has a manual Projector Focus slider.

The ViewFinder and stereo speakers.

Swivable View Finder.

Nightshot, Light, Media, Projector, and Power buttons.  Memory card slot, HDMI, and USB port.

Battery side: Video and Camera mode buttons (flash becomes active when in Camera mode), battery slot, Record button, and DC In port.

Bottom side: Tripod mount/screw.

VS Sony HDR-CX150

The HDR-CX150 is more compact, but the PJ710V is loaded with features..

The lens side: PJ710V dominates.

Top side.

The PJ710V is one impressive machine. In the following days I will be posting more information on several filters and other attachments.

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