Jan 27, 2013

Sony HDR-PJ710V - 3 Piece Filter Kit and HD Wide Angle Conversion Lens - Part 1

Gear: Sony HDR-PJ710V, 3 Piece Enhancing Filter Kit, and HD Wide Angle Conversion Lens.

The Sony HDR-PJ710V has a 52mm ring that allows adding different lenses.  Today I'm exploring the 3 Piece Kit and HD Wide Angle lens.

3 Piece Kit

The front of the box.

The side of the box.

The back.

The kit includes this neat leather box.

The three filters.

Circular Polarizer, UV Protector, and Fluorescent Filter

The PJ710V can handle other 52mm lenses.

Every lens is easy to attach.  My previous camcorder (the HDR-CX150) did not support additional lenses.

HD Wide Angle Conversion Lens

The kit includes two pieces.

The Adapter Ring (52 mm to 58 mm), and the Wide Angle lens (outside ring is 64 mm)

All of the box contents.

The camera is starting to look more "professional."

In a future post I will show how these attachments affect the images and videos.

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