Oct 18, 2011

What's After HDTV? Ultra HDTV! 7690x4320 - Over 30 Million Pixels!

Technology is constantly evolving. Standards have to always change for companies to have something new. If you have upgraded to those fancy 1920x1080p televisions get ready to toss that outdated thing away and get yourself an Ultra HDTV. Your neighbor is going to get one, and you should too!

  • SDTV - 640 x 480 (307.2 KB)
  • DVD Quality - 720 x 480 (345.6 KB)
  • HDTV - 1920 x 1080 ( 2 Mega Pixels )
  • Ultra High Definition - 7680 x 4320 ( 33 Million Pixels via a 85 inch LCD )

Every region in the world has different standards. This data and image reflect the American one.



  1. eh... meh.

    Unless you stick your nose less than a foot from the TV you probably won't notice anything different. Our eyes do have a resolution limit. doubling or MAYBE tripling the resolution might make a small difference, but there's no good after that. Save the money for IPS and AMOLED displays.

  2. Currently I have a 24 inch at 1920x1200 which has been great. Previously I have considered getting a 30 inch monitor (2560x1600) but at over $1000 that's expensive! So... for now I combine the laptop and 24 inch screens and that works very well.

  3. Ha.

    I have a 27 inch 1920x1200. More resolution would be NICE but for double the price, I'd much rather have two 27 inch 1920x1200 monitors than one 30 inch 2560 by 1600 monitor, since the extra real estate is mainly used for more windows (rather than more content on one window) and therefore scales well with multiple monitors.

    IPS would be nice though :D

  4. Cowon S9 - My first AMOLED screen experience and it was amazingly colorful and crisp. It would be sweet to compare it to a current IPS screen.

  5. I believe that in most cases video quality is bottlenecked by camera optics rather than image resolution, so adding more pixels makes no point in my mind...
    Well, "progress" is inevitable so we're just gonna have to get used to 5TB+ home video clips... ;)

    I love the 1920x1080 in my 15,6 inch Thinkpad. Very dense and provides plenty of information in a small area.

    (PS there's are change this became a double post, in that case, sorry)

  6. Youtube is trying to stream 1080p video. To stream UHDTV... would require everyone to have fiber connections.

    Let "progress" continue... with increasing average lifespans we need more stuff to do anyways. ;-)