Windows Tablet PC Will Not Go Into Secondary Landscape Mode (FIX)

The Problem:
Windows based Tablet PC wont go into Secondary Landscape mode.

The Culprit:
The Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN module (maybe other Intel cards have the same issue).


Available resolutions on a Fujitsu Lifebook T580 with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N6200 AGN module

The Atheros WLAN allows all resolutions (unlike that Intel Centrino card)



Published: Sep 19, 2011


  1. Not sure what you mean by the "whitelist." Some people on NBR and TPCR claim to have swapped in a Killer network card in an X201T.

    I suspect this may be some kind of driver conflict resolvable with a software update. Does this problem occur in Linux?

  2. I have seen the whitelist on a Lenovo S10-3T. I never tried swapping cards inside the X220T or the X201T.

    Apparently there is a whitelist on the X220 (laptop), the Tablet could also have one.

    Whitelist and X201T google search -

    The whitelist is a bios thing, and not an operating system issue. Usually it requires changing a few values in the bios files with Phoenix Bios, Hex editor, and a flashing tool.

  3. Blame this FCC ruling: 47 CFR 2.1093 (d), OET Bulletin No. 65.

    According to Fujitsu engineers it mandates that the manufacturers disable the secondary landscape due to human radiation exposure concerns.

    Pity that the bigwigs up there spend more time worrying about secondary landscape mode on tablets than on our country :D

    1. Well they probably get all kinds of requests from all kinds of people and companies with some neat under the table money, so yes it's a good deal for them. (-1m)

  4. Open the regedit, and go to [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Fujitsu\Wfi Controls]

    Modify the key value of the "Disable Tablet Orientation" to 0(turn off this key; the default value should be 4 which is the Secondary Landscape Orientation).

    May have to reboot it.

    Hurray! :)

    1. That's a neat hack! Thanks for sharing and I hope someone confirms this. (I can't since I changed the wifi card). (-1m)

    2. Hi,

      Would you know the steps for doing this on a Lenovo x230t?

      Thanks in Advance.


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