Superhuman's Gut Shield - A Prebiotic and Probiotic Dietary Supplement [Updated Jan 13, 2017]

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Recently, John Keifer, a physicist turned diet + performance guru, sent out an email regarding a new product, Gut Shield.  The product has not been released to everyone, so it's by a sort of invitation only.  If you have bought some of his previous products you would have received an email. I have bought Carb Nite, a fat-loss diet system, and Carb Backloading, a strength and body bulking diet system--each of them seems to work for the intended goal if followed correctly.  The new product, Gut Shield, is a prebiotic and probiotic.

I have begun listening to Keifer's podcast, in Soundcloud, and it's interesting how the position has changed over time. Most of Keifer's early podcast are not supportive of probiotic and prebiotic products--he has a "eat the right things and the gut will follow" mentality. So, I was very surprised when I saw Gut Shield-- I was was expecting Carb Backloading 2, some app, or even Carb Nite 2.  In the Gut Shield product page Keifer mentions a very bad gut experience he had--and so he set to try to fix it-- or so the sales pitch goes.

Since there are NO reviews out there, and very little information available, I thought I would at least share images of the package. In the pictures you can see what is in the "crapsules" and how much of it.

The reason I bought the product is because I would like to reduce some bloat, improve digestion, inflammation, and reduce acne.  The sales-pitch also mentions things like anxiety, activating "lean" genes, better absorption, and other things.  Frankly, who knows what one may truly get out of this type of product. I can assume that if you are in a very bad health situation then it would help a lot, but for those who maybe have had a good diet then the product may not have drastically noticeable effects.

This 30 day box was $119.95 + $7.05 for shipping.  This is definitely much more expensive than going down to the store and getting some yogurt, kefir, or other things that may or may not have the right microorganism, and the right amounts.  Hopefully this "targeted" digestive supplement is worth it. We'll see in 30 days.

Will update the post in November, 2016.

 After taking the Gut Shield product for 30 days I can say the following things about the product:
- There is better digestion of food--what comes out tends to come out much more smoothly.
- Some bloat reduced.
- Did nothing for acne.
- Did not loose weight.
- Anxiety, if any, is the same as before.

In conclusion, I think if you are in pretty bad shape this product could help and the effect be more noticeable, but if you are for the most part a healthy enough individual you are likely not going to notice highly significant differences. It is unlikely that I will buy this product on a regular basis, perhaps once per year at most.

That's all.

UPDATE 12/29/2016: Checkout the PDF titled "SUPERORGANISM: The Latest Research On How to 'Hack" Your Immune Response, Activate 'Lean' Genes and Turn On Your Happy Hormones."

UPDATE 1/13/2017: John Keifer put out a 20 minute audio clip on GutShield. The clip includes things like: best time to take GutShield, whether to take it or not given x scenario, early testimonials, and more. The audio clip is positive towards the product, don't expect anything that would otherwise NOT promote the use of GutShield (frankly, I think there is value in critique backed with evidence).

Published: Oct 11, 2016


  1. John Keifer seems to be all over the road with his statements. He is also seemingly becoming another supplement scammer, rather than promoting whole food. First it was "Carb Shock" and now it is this. Funny how he mentioned getting a serious infection in his sales pitch (which is ultra gimmicky), yet Paul Jaminet had discussed with him on his own podcast mentioning how excessive low carb can cause issues fighting infections.

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  3. Any updates on becoming superhuman from this product? In 2014 on multiple Body IO podcasts Keifer stated gut flora was self regulating and not important. Now with no explanation he releases a product that is 100% the opposite of what he said before?

  4. Thanks for the update. It sounds like you could have go the same results for $15-$25.00. I also noticed there was already another product on the market of the same type of product called Gut Shield by Solaray. Someone did not do their homework.


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