List of Computer Keyboards [Updated: June 24, 2017]

This is a list in order of recency.  Some keyboard I have experience with, and others are just simply neat and wish I could get my hands on them.  More keyboards will be added as I discover them.

- DeskThority
- Reddit/r/MechanicalKeyboards/

Keyboards (as I have encountered them)
- Matias Mini TactilePro.
- Apple Magic Keyboard meets OLED! (add a TrackPoint, allow full programming, and I would probably buy).
Tesoro G6TL Ergonomic Backlit Mechanical Keyboard with Optical Trackball Mouse
- Add a TrackPoint to a Tipro MID Series.
- Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard Review
- AJAZZ Gaming Keyboard
- NOppo Choc Mini 84 NKRO
- EnduraPro Black Buckling Spring USB.
- IBM SpaceSaver II 37L0888 Wired Keyboard.
- IBM SpaceSaver Keyboard M4-1 84G2525 84G2529
- MX13 SpaceSaver Keyboard
- The Model 01: a heirloom-grade keyboard for serious typists.
- Cooler Mater MasterKeys Pro S mechanical keyboard with intelligent RGB
- MAX Falcon-8 custom programmable mini macropad mechanical keyboard 
- Vortex RGB POK3R 61 Keys Mechanical Keyboard
- Ergonomic Wrist Pads.
- Foam Wrist Pad 15-inch.
- Foam Wrist Pad 17.7-inch.

Keyboards : 

KType Keyboard (at [note that this has great software, including for the WhiteFox]).

The WhiteFox Keyboard (Massdrop).

- IBM SpaceSaver 2 Keyboard (info).

Lenovo Mechanical Keyboard with Trackpoint, JS_4ZB0J85890 (black), JS_4ZB0J85889 (red) (website)
- 62 key layout, Trackpoint mouse, cherry keys MX blue, black/red options, approx $290.
- Available in China only.

Tex Yoda (mass dropbuilding it, Typewriter keys, pics, review)
- Seems like the earlier version of the Lenovo Mechanical Keyboard.
- Mechanical keyboard, cherry keys, Trackpoint.

Guru Miniguru Board (website)
- Programmable, Trackpoint mouse, cherry keys, customization.
- Likely a "dead project".

Mistel Barocco Split Mechanical Keyboard (amazon, official, firmware, user manual, guide book)
- Programmable, layers, split style, 62 key layout.

 VE.A Custome Keyboard Kit (massdrop)
- Split style, programmable.

EnduraPro Black Buckling Spring USB (pckeyboard)
- $105 for a keyboard with Trackpoint, looks almost identical to the IBM Model M13.

IBM Model M13 Keyboard with Trackpoint (video review).

ErgoDox EZ: An incredible mechanical keyboard. (indiegogo)
- Programmable, split style.

Matias Mini Quiet Pro (amazon).
- "The world's quietest mechanical keyboard"

Azio Levetron Mech5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (amazon).
- Programmable, macro keys, modular, d-pad, water resistant, anti-ghost, win on/off key, 2x USB ports.

Tomoko 87 Key mechanical Keyboard (amazon).
- A low-cost mechanical keyboard.

Optimus Polaris Keyboard (amazon).
- Programmable, lcd keys, etc.

The Analog Mechanical Keyboard for Precise Movement (kickstarter).
- Unique analog keys.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (official, crowdsupply).
- Fully programmable, open-source, ergonomic, modular, mechanical keys.

Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless Cherrry MX Backlit (official, info, amazon).
- Mechanical, backlit keys, compact.

Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard 0B47190 (info, amazon).
- Lenovo's Precision compact keyboard, with Trackpoint.

Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard 55Y9003 (info, amazon).
- Lenovo's classic keyboard, with Trackpoint.

Iogear Multi-Link BT Mini Keyboard GKB601B (info, amazon).
- Bluetooth keyboard with support for multiple devices.

SIIG JK-US0312-S1 USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard (info, amazon).
- A compact keyboard.

Microsoft BT Mobile Keyboard 6000 (info, amazon).

- Turn your QFR into a programmable keyboard with a Frosty Flake (video).
- Use a Gaming Mouse and Keyboard for Work.
- Not all mechanical keyboards are equal... only a few are programmable

Published: Jul 8, 2016

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