Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Reader Application

Gear: Asus Eee Note EA-800, eReader Tablets.

The reader application can read many file formats, but I mostly use PDF and ePub which has many benefits.  Text looks really good on the Eee Note so it's one of the big strengths.  I'm glad I can my purchased ePubs to the system (big +)

A few notes:
  • You can search by book title and tags
  • View books by tags
  • List of books includes a thumbnail preview + PDF or ePub, author name, tags, date and time.
  • You can lock your books (so no one else can have access to them), rename or delete them.
  • ePubs resize to fit the screen and allows font size change (better than PDFs)

Go To options
  • Tablet of Contents - Modern ePubs have excellent tablet of contents
  • Annotation Lists - Annotations are text notes written with the virtual keyboard
  • Bookmark Lists - You can bookmark as many pages as you want
  • Remark Lists - If you have highlighted or underlined text then a list of those pages will be created.
  • Page Percentage - You can move around your books by percentage

Two Snapshot Buttons:
  • Top Snapshot takes a screenshot of the text + your Remarks (highlights, underlines, etc) - Saves in .png
  • Bottom Snapshot takes a screenshot of your entire Eee Note's screen - Saves in .gif

Note on Snapshots:
Some ePubs (usually the ones you buy) limit your ability to take a "Top Snapshot", so you must resort the to the Bottom snapshot.  Samples below.

Image from ePub using the Top Snapshot Button

Image from PDF using the Top Snapshot Button

Snapshot taken with the Bottom Snapshot Button

You can now transfer the snapshots to your computer and view them or print to paper (if you need to).  Enjoy!

More details:
Details (supported formats)
PDF Reading Capabilities
Adobe ID Problems (you need this fur purchased ePubs)
Stylus with buttons
Where can you find/buy the Asus Eee Note?
Europe Release in February

Published: Feb 15, 2011

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