Warpia SWP220 Giveaway (+Fund Raising for Cheeseburger)

If you have been interested in getting the Warpia SWP220 which is also known as the "Easy Dock Pro" this might be a chance to get it for zero dollars or with a donation increase your chances.  I'm giving this away because I don't use it that often and I don't want to put it up on eBay.

The Rules:
  1. Must be live in the USA (International shipping costs are insane)
  2. 18+ years old or if you are a minor have permission from parents/guardians
  3. Write a comment about the system (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc) or software that you want more information about and why.  (this helps me figure out what I might do next)   Adding a comment gets you 1 entry.
  4. Increase your chances with donations which buy you additional entries (examples below)
    1. Example $1 = 2 additional entries + comment = 3 entries total
    2. Example $2 = 4 additional entries
    3. Example $3 = 8 additional entries
    4. Example $5 = 32 additional entries
  5. Winner will be chosen at random
  6. Have an email addresss (ie "john at gmail (dot) com") so I can contact you and get your shipping address.
  7. Entries close March 14th and winner will be picked March 15th, 2011

Donations will be used to pay for shipping expenses, if there's enough dollars I'll buy myself a cheeseburger.  Thanks for participating.

More details about the Warpia SWP220:
Warpia Easy Dock Pro SWP220 - Unbox, Setup, Tests, and Thoughts
Checkout the Warpia Devices (wireless video streaming)

Published: Feb 16, 2011


  1. Photoshop - I am really interested in photogrophy and really enjoy editting my photos to a profesional quality and sell them to companies (such as news companies) I use photoshop on my main pc and occasionaly on my Lenovo S10-3t.

    I cant win because I live in the UK, but oh well :)

  2. For me, it's the Lenovo X201T. That's how I found you in the first place, after all. ;p I'm a student looking for a more efficient note-taking device and something that I can read my textbooks on without having to lug them around everywhere.

    Who knows, by the time I am actually able to buy a tablet, maybe something else will be out that will be more appealing, but for now I've got my sights set on the X201T.

  3. Oh, and Jesse, I would be willing to pay for shipping if I win, so count me in :))

  4. I am not sure how to comment so I left my facebook url to contact me at.

    I am Interested in the new Razer Switchblade Gaming Netbook. The concept is very cool and would be interesting to test out. I believe that this netbook might actually be a decent gaming rig. Maybe they will make it up to par with the more heavyweight games such as WOW or the Sims 3.

  5. Hey Jesse... It was your blog that convinced me to buy the Lenovo S10-3T. Followed most of your guides, still trying to track down a 8-cell battery for cheap, planning to eventually get a BCM Crystal HD (2nd Edition)... and yeah. Only complaint has to do with the touch screen dying on me after sleep mode.

    As for ideas...

    1.) Anyhoo... I agree with Joshua, as I happen to be a longtime Razer customer (Oh the days of the Boomslang 2000 ball mouse). Since it's "concept", I hear it's about 2 years off, or some such, however, if you approach Razer and show them what you did with your blog, I'm sure they'd give you a nice copy when it's good and ready, they usually like to have support from the community (Or at least like to seem like they have community support).

    2.) As much as I find my S10-3T useful... I can't help but feel it's a half-product. I wasn't expecting the thing to blaze, but the thing isn't powerful enough to really do anything except tap with it. I'm sure you've noticed this when you went to the x201. As such...

    Could you keep an eye out for a netvertible in the 10" - 12" range, that supports DDR3 ram along with being equipped with Nvidia Ion 2 w/ Optimus?

    I've been helping a friend who's older and in a wheelchair, who I've known for a long time, set up his Asus 1015pn (Have to strip the thing of Windows Starter so Optimus will work, get some new spiffy ram, etc)... and that Nvidia Ion 2 is nice. Not quite "Gaming" nice, but really nice.

    related to that... Keep on eye on Sandy Bridge too, in the mobile arena. Dedicated processing blocks for video encoding/decoding... In the mobile arena, this COULD be gold. Here's a reference link:

    Thanks, as always, Jesse. E-mail is: [email protected]