Music List [Updated: Sept 18, 2016]

Music is one of those things that I tend to keep coming back to and therefore bookmarking is worth having. Our mood and the changing ear likes different things--so many genres have their time at some point in our lives.

I'll update this page when I find music that hits the sweet spot


Don Diablo Live @ Tomorrowland 2014.
Checkpoint  (w/Hyper Potions).
Nitro Fun Soundcloud.
Alex Skrindo SoundCloud
Akex Skrindo Ease
Savant -  The Arcade 2013

- Best of Music | No Copyright Sounds Mix 2016.
- Best of 8-Bit Electro Gaming Mix September 2015.
- Best of Electro Swing November 2015.
- Vicetone 2014 End of Year Mix.

7obu (SoundCloud).
- C4.

Armada Music (YouTube).

Caravan Palace (Website, YouTube, Amazon).
- Lone Digger.

City 17 (SoundCloud).
- Making Good Time.

Imagine Tunez (SoundCloud).
- ITZ - Apricity [Album Mix].

Itro (SoundCloud).
Madeon (Website, YouTube, Amazon)..
- Adventure (Deluxe).
- Pop Culture.

- One Two.

Melody Sheep  (BandCamp, SoundCloud, YouTube).
- Symphony of Science.
- Welcome to Earth - Independence Day Remix.

Monstercat (SoundCloud).
- Nitro Fun - Final Boss.
- Insan3Lik3 - Bad Pitched.

No Copyright Sounds (YouTube).
- Itro & Tobu [NCS Release].

Pandora/Proximity Music (YouTube).

Porter Robinson (YouTube).
- Lionhearted ft. Urban Cone.

Rhodz (BandCamp, SoundCloud).

Ronald Jenkees (Website, YouTube, Amazon).
- Throwing Fire.
- Try the Bass.

Sian Area (SoundCloud).
- In Your Eyes.

Tasty Network (YouTube).

The HD Music Girl (YouTube).

Tony Core (Facebook).
- Chu-Va-Shy.

Ultrasyd (SoundCloud).
- Campylobacter's Groove.

Unison (SoundCloud).
- Aperture [NCS Release].

Xanzion/DCPX  (Xanzion SoundCloud, DCPX SoundCloud).
- Kraid's Lair Reconstruction.

Zefox Music (YouTube).

Zedd (Website).
- Beautiful Now Ft. Jon Bellion.


The Legend of Zelda  -- 25th Anniversary OST (Amazon).
- Gerudo Valley.
- Medley With Piano and Violin by Furryxx.

Xenoblade Chronicles OST (Amazon).
- Engage the Enemy.


Drowning Pool (Website, Amazon).
- Bodies.


A Beautiful Mind
The Theory of Everything

Published: Jul 17, 2016

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