Link Dump 0013

Comedy and the Internet
- A few x-ray gifs I find interesting (clips).
- Everything is Too PC These Days (video).
- The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses (video).

- Earth Temperature Timeline (infographic).

Health and Fitness
- 40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger (video).
- Abdominal Anatomy & Training Program | Built By Science (video).
- Flax Seeds as Source of Omega 3 (products).
- Grass-Fed vs. Conventional Meat: It's Not Black or White (article).
- Intestinal Bacteria as a Source of B12 (article).
- Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (article).
- Paralyzed Man Regains Use of Arms and Hands After Experimental Stem Cell Therapy (article).
- Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents (journal article).
- products for recovery and metabolism T3 (products).
- The IGF-1 Trade-Off: Performance vs. Longevity (video).
- The Story of Fat: Why we were Wrong about Health (video).
- The Surprising Truth About IGF-1 and How to Increase and Inhibit It (article).

Life Advice
- The 3 Sieves of Socrates (clip).
- How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children (article).
- Old Geek Jobs: fighting against ageism in the industry (article).

- Full Interview: Roger Shawyer, Creator of EmDrive (video).
- The Basic Science Behind EmDrive (video). 

- Chuck Allison's DConf 2015 Presentation (video).
- CppCon 2015: Bjarne Stroustrup "Writing Good C++14" (video).
- Google runs on 5000 times more code than the original space shuttle (article).
- Stretching the Limits of CSS 3: Amazing Creations in Pure CSS (article/demos).
- TIOBE Index, list of top programming language (website).

Software Tools
- 1Clipboard (desktop app).
- CureCoin: The cure For the Common Cryptocurrency (desktop app).
- Electron 1.0: Build cross platform desktop apps (framework).
- Web2Web, a server-less and domain-less websites updatable via torrents and bitcoin blockchain (website).
-, a web torrent client (website).

- Adblock Plus now sells ads (article).
- Deleted Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we'll still track you (article).
- FBI Director: Cover up your webcam (article).

Talks and Debates
- INR5: Jerry Coyne "You Don't Have Free Will" (video).
- Is it Time to Overhaul the Calendar? (article).
- Sam Harris - Free Will (video).
- Sam Harris on Artificial Intelligence (video).

Tech Gadgets
- Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy (product page).
- Kangaroo Notebook uses mini PCs to separate work and play (article).

Tutorials and Guides
- Favorite keyboard shortcuts (images).

Published: Sep 15, 2016

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