Feb 28, 2014

Bulletproof Truffled Chocolate Coffee Beans - Burned Beans + Chocolate Goodness?

 Burned coffee beans + chocolate? 

Since there's not much info regarding this treat I have chosen to share some of my thoughts.  First of all, the Bulletproof guys are trying to make money off their performance and health hype.  It seems like what they have preached works quite well for me so far, so I give them kudos.  Now their Truffled Chocolate Coffee Beans are more of a treat than a necessity.  Below are some of my thoughts regarding this product.

 First of all, if you don't like the coffee taste then you should not buy this product.  The packaging of the product is superb, as most Upgraded products seem to be.

 By appearance these treats look like little pebbles.  The surface of each bean is powdered, which make them a non-messy treat to handle.

When broken in half you can see that these are nothing more than roasted coffee beans covered with a few very tasty ingredients.  The first bite releases the chocolaty-cacao flavors, followed by a hit of sweetness of the xylitol, the last taste is that of coffee which progressively gets stronger, peaks, and then begins to diminish.  Once the coffee taste begins to diminish you will want to reach into the bag for another handful. It's really a tasty snack.

The bag content is at most ok, and frankly I wanted more beans considering that the price is $13.  As an everyday snack I wouldn't buy these, but as an every once in a while reward snack it might be worth it.  I enjoyed them while they lasted.

Update: be cautious about eating a whole bag of these as it may interfere with your sleep routine. Also, the coffee taste in your mouth can last for many hours.

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