Jul 1, 2013

Mouse Bungee Comparison 2013 (Razer, Galeru, Skorpion, Apuri)

Gear: Tt eSPORTS Galeru, Razer Mouse Bungee, CM Storm Skorpion, ROCCAT Apuri, Logitech G700.

Here's a comparison of mouse bungees.  The video has all of the details, but if you want the written notes, and close-up images then check below.

  • Prices (when I purchased the devices)
    • $37 for Roccat Apuri
    • $21 for Tt eSports Galeru
    • $20 for Razer Mouse Bungee
    • $17 for CM Storm Skorpion
  • Appearance
    • Razer: simple; Galeru: simple (somewhat ugly); Skorpion: exotic; Apuri: exotic.
  • Volume
    • Razer: small. Galeru: small. Skorpion: medium. Apuri: medium.
  • Mobility
    • Razer: low. Galeru: high (great for storing in backpacks). Skorpion: medium (legs can be removed, although I wish they collapsed instead). Apuri: low.
  • Weight
    • Razer: medium. Galeru: heaviest. Skorpion: medium. Apuri: light.
  • Assembly
    • All are easy to assemble, only the Galeru requires assembly.
  • Setup with Mouse
    • Razer: by far the hardest, it supports medium and small mouse cords.  It can damage thick cables.
    • Galeru: medium, supports thick and medium cords.  I doubt thin cords would be held in place.
    • Skorpion: easy, supports thick, medium and small cords.  Likely to be the best at holding cables.
    • Apuri: easy, supports thick, medium and small cords.
  • Base
    • Razer: strong grip due to gummy/glue base.  It may deteriorate over time due to dust accumulation.
    • Galeru: medium grip.
    • Skorpion: it has three legs with tiny pads, but it seems to be about a medium grip.
    • Apuri: it has three legs with circular pads, and it seems to have a loose grip.
    • All will be ok when using a mouse.
  • Bungee
    • Razer: flexible using springs. Galeru: flexing using thin rubber.  Skorpion: flexible using thick rubber.  Apuri: flexible using medium rubber.
    • All will degrade over time, and I feel that the Skorpion's thick bungee will last longer than the Galeru and Apuri ones.
  • Performance
    • Razer: could not test.  The performance of the other bungees were very good.
  • Other features:
    • Razer: none.
    • Galeru: marketed "weight adjustor" (which I did not find).
    • Skorpion: none.
    • Apuri: USB 2.0 hub, ambient lights (adapter included).
  • I wish:
    • That the legs of the Skorpion and Apuri collapsed to improve their mobility.
  • Overall
    • Razer: would not recommend.
    • Galeru: great for LAN parties (ie mobile people).
    • Skorpion: great for at home.
    • Apuri: great for at home if you need a USB hub and want a cool blue LED illumination.

More images and details on each mouse bungee:


The mouse bungee boxes.

Front view of the four bungees.

Top view of the bungees.  The top (from this angle) part of the bases are on the same line, so you can see how far they extend.

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