Jun 27, 2013

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru - Box Contents & Images

Gear: Tt eSPORTS Galeru, Razer Mouse Bungee, CM Storm Skorpion, ROCCAT Apuri, Logitech G700.>.

This is the Tt eSports Galeru and it's a mouse bungee.  What is a mouse bungee?  Well, it's a mouse cable management system.  It is intended to improve the the pc mouse experience by reducing stress of pull and push caused a mouse's cable.  This functionality is essential for people that do gaming and precise editing such as video and audio editing.  Over the next few days I will post the box contents of several mouse bungees, and eventually I will do one major comparison.  Enjoy!


Back of the box.

Close-up of the back of the box.

The box contents: Warranty, base unit, bungee.

The bungee attaches to the base through magnets.  It works better than I expected.

The unit assembled.  This is one of the simplest mouse bungees, but it's very functional.

The bottom of the Galeru has good surface pads.  The unit also has a good weight to it, which will help keep the unit in place.

This is what I would call a thin rubber bungee, which is quite flexible.

The bungee's head has space to hold a medium to thick cable.

The bungee holds the cable of my Logitech G700 quite well.

It is best to have around 6 to 10 inches of cable between the bungee head and the mouse.  I played a few rounds of GRAW2 and it worked extremely well.  Very good experience!

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