Jun 27, 2013

ROCCAT Apuri - Mouse Bungee Box Contents & Images

Gear: Tt eSPORTS Galeru, Razer Mouse Bungee, CM Storm Skorpion, ROCCAT Apuri, Logitech G700.
The ROCCAT Apuri is the "heavyweight" of the mouse bungees.  It features the most exotic look and has several additional features: illumination and a usb hub.  There are pros and cons to this unit, and for the initial assessment you can check the images and details below.


Right side of the box.

Back side of the box.

Left side of the box.

Top side of the box.

Bottom side of the box.

Box contents: Apuri unit, power adapter, USB cable, and Installation Guide.

This is by far the best looking mouse bungee so far.

Left side: power input for illumination, and micro USB for the HUB.

Two full sizes USB ports on the front of the unit.

Right side: two more full USB ports.

The bungee is removable, however the legs do not collapse and therefore mobility is affected.

The bottom side of the unit.  The pads on the legs are quite different from many other bungees, and they do not seem to "stick" like the others.  Along with the light weight of the unit the leg pads do not give the unit strong stability.

The bungee is made of flexible rubber, and it's thickness is what I consider "medium."

The bungee accommodates thin, medium, and thick mouse cables. 

While the unit is not as stable as other mouse bungees, the unit works well when using a mouse.  Using your hands to move the unit is not the same as slight movement through the mouse coord.

The Apuri has blue ambient lights.  Yes the unit looks way cooler than the other ones.

Night time with the ROCCAT Apuri.  The camera is intensifying the light at the bottom, it's way softer than what the image shows.

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  1. nice wish it stick to the table to increase the stability