Jun 27, 2013

Razer Mouse Bungee - Box Contents & Images

Gear: Tt eSPORTS Galeru, Razer Mouse Bungee, CM Storm Skorpion, ROCCAT Apuri, Logitech G700.

Razer is a company that is well known for their gaming accessories and systems.  I had the highest expectation from this company, but frankly I'm very disappointed.  Check the images below to find out.


Back of the box.

Box contents.

The unit, no assembly required.

The base bottom padding covers a large area.  It is very sticky and will make the unit feel "glued" to any table.

Within a few hours the bottom padding had collected dust.  It is likely that over time the bottom padding will collect so much dust that it will loose it's grip.

The bungee uses springs.  Do not bend these springs or you can ruin them.  Since the Razer Mouse Bungee is a single unit the portability aspect is lost.  You cannot throw it in your backpack and expect it to not bend or even break.

The rail looks simple, but it's not good.

This unit is not compatible with thick cables, such as that found in the Logitech G700.

The image above shows the damage a cable can get.

The mouse bungee head is made of hard plastic and therefore is not flexible.

Medium and thin cables will work, but you can forget it if you have a thick mouse cable.

Because the bungee was not compatible with my mouse cable I could not test it.  What a shame.

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