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Gear: Logitech G700

I have owned my share of computer mouses/mice. Previously I have switched from wireless to wired depending on what I am doing. Having two computer mouses takes space and can be a bit tedious, so I looked for a mouse that could solve my situation, and I think the Logiech G700 is it.

Wireless gives you freedom to move around and works well for most desktop computing. The problem of wireless is that it is slower compared to wired. When gaming, wireless is usually not fast enough. A wired mouse is usually better for gaming, but now you have a cable that gets in the way and can be inconvenient for laptop owners. The Logitech G700 can be both wired and wireless which is something special.

Box Contents:
  • G700 mouse (with battery)
  • USB wireless receiver
  • 60 inch extension cable
  • 70 inch charging/data cable
  • Documents

  • Bottom side
    • Gaming laser (200 to 5,700 DPI)
    • Gliding pads (can be removed)
    • On/Off switch
    • Battery compartment (1xAA battery)
    • USB receiver storage
  • Front side
    • Micro USB port
  • Left side
    • 4xG buttons (G4, G5, G6, G7)
    • 3 LED lights (red, orange, green)
  • Top side
    • 4xG buttons (G8, G9, G10, G11)
    • Left, middle, right click buttons
    • Scroll left, and right buttons.
    • Scroll mode button (slide or precise)
    • Scroll wheel

Battery Life
The G700's utilizes a single AA battery. For those curious, the included one is an Eneloop nimh AA 1.2V with a capacity of 1900mah. The G700 will last 2 to 3 weeks when doing desktop computing, when doing casual gaming it may last 2 or 3 days, and when doing heavy gaming it may not even last a day. The settings that you configure on the Logitech software will have a big effect in battery life, more performance required from the mouse will require more power, and therefore reduces the battery life. I wish the G700 had longer battery life, but since we can connect it via a cable it will not be a problem.

Logitech thought of the buttons very well. Each of the buttons is a bit different, which can help tactile recognition when in low light environments. The 13 buttons can be programmed to do default, simple actions, keystrokes, and even macros.

The G700 allows creation of profiles. Each profile may have uniquely programmed buttons. I am not sure if there is a limit on how many profiles you can create, but I use 3 of them. My profiles are for: desktop computing, media playing, and gaming.

The range is from 200 all the way to 5,700. DPI is "dots per inch" and you can read all about it at the mouse wikipedia page. From what I can see the lesser the DPI the slower the mouse pointer moves across the screen, the higher the DPI the faster the pointer will move. Of course you can change DPI in a "loop mode", or you can set specific DPI levels.

Flash Memory
The G700 can hold the programmed keys and profiles in memory. You can grab the USB dongle and insert on another system and the mouse will work the same as if had the software installed. Neat!

This is a mouse made for right handed people, lefties are out of luck. My hand's size fits the mouse very well; It may not fit other people's hands so I recommend testing before buying.

The G700's case is made of plastic. The top is smooth plastic and the sides are textured plastic. The textured sides will guarantee a good grip on the mouse.

Some people do NOT like the plastic feel and instead prefer the rubbery finish. There are pros and cons to each. One thing that does happen to rubbery mice is that they degrade and then it becomes a bit messy. The plastic should be a little bit cleaner.

Because the case is "plasticky" it can crack if dropped from an elevated position. I have carpets so my mouse is safe. ;)

There are a few things that I wish were improved, but overall I think the Logitech G700 does provide good value for money. For $100 I am getting a mouse that works both wired and wirelessly, and can be programmed to fit my needs. I am satisfied.



Published: Apr 14, 2012

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