Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Simple Tips

In order to improve your X230T you have to conduct several tweaks.  Sometimes I do videos, but images and text should be good enough for these tips.  Scroll down and see which ones will improve your experience.

Taskbar Toolbar Buttons

- The Power Manager button is not necessary because we only need to modify the behavior and then forget about it.

- Access Connection may be useful if you want to switch wireless connections, although frankly I never use it. The default Windows wifi stuff works well enough.

- Simpletap is not always useful, disable the button seen on the Taskbar.

Right click the Taskbar, go to Toolbars, and disable what you don't need.

The Anti-Virus

There are free alternatives available, and having Norton is something I don't want. I would rather use Microsoft Security Essentials.

Go away annoying Norton messages!

Press the Win key, type "uninstall a program", scroll down to "Norton Internet Security", click "uninstall" button, and follow the wizard.

Download an alternative and install it.

Configure and run the anti-virus software.

Disable Lenovo Solution Center Message

Lenovo installed a program called "Lenovo Solution Center" and this program checks for several things that you should have enabled. If you don't, then the program will continue to harass you until you obey!

Having anti-virus software is important, and having a backup system is important. However, it seems like Lenovo wants you to use Lenovo Rescue And Recovery, or Microsoft Windows Backup Tool. I don't want to use either, so I'll "Use another tool".

Click on this message.

Pick a backup tool, or

click on "Use another tool". No more annoying message!

Enable Navigational And Editing Flicks

Flicks are gestures that can be activated by performing a quick pen or touch movement. The direction of the movement will dictate which flick is activated.

I have previously done flick videos on the S10-3T, X201T, and I don't plan on doing one for the X230T.

Sometimes disabling flicks can be very useful, (as seen on this Series 7 Slate post).

By the way, flicks are different from "touch gestures". Some examples of touch gestures can be seen on the X220T and Series 7 Slate. Sometimes the gestures can also become annoying, and disabling them is an option with the X230T.

Go by what your needs are and make the most out of these options.

Click the little arrow on the Taskbar, find the flicks icon.

Enable on the "Navigational flicks and editing flicks", then click on "Customize" button.

Modify what each direction does, click "OK" button. (If you assign key combinations make sure to click on the "Save" button before clicking the OK button.)


Published: Aug 21, 2012


  1. Hey, i really liked those tipps! I have multiple friends with similar system and I showed them your video! Thanks!

    I'm waiting for the Windows 8 Tipps from you! Its alread out and feels pretty good on the X230t !!

    1. I'm not sure I want to install Win 8 on my X230T. I think I have configured it well enough in Win 7 that changing it would just be wasting time. There are plenty of Win 8 videos on YouTube already, and this time around there are many convertible tablets. I'll think about what to do next.


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