Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet - Two, Four and Five Finger Touch Gestures

Gear: Lenovo ThinkPad X220T, Convertible Tablets.

There are two screen versions of the X220 Tablet and one of them only features the stylus input, the other has a few touch features.

Touch Features:
  • 2 finger touch does scroll, zoom, rotate, etc.
  • 2 finger double tap brings Lenovo SimpleTap
  • 4 finger press and move does the equivalent of Win + Tab keys  (3D Flip)
  • 5 finger flick down minimizes all windows
  • 5 finger flick up brings the windows back again
  • 5 finger pinch locks the system

These touch features are kind of neat but it takes a little bit of practice to get right.  The gestures come in handy especially for full screen apps.  The gestures shown might not be the same as found in the released X220T. After all this is a review unit.


Published: Apr 2, 2011


  1. Great stuff jesse!

    I'm really thinking of buying this baby :D

    One question though, the gorilla glass screens, what are the pros and cons and how do you compare them to the one that you have now? and which one do you recommend overall?

    Thanks and please keep the videos coming!

  2. I can't answer that question because I haven't had the chance to compare them side by side. We'll have to wait for someone to gain experience with both Infinity glass and Gorilla glass and then make a statement to which is better.

    BTW, you can do some gaming with this system. I have tried Men of War: Assault Squad and Empire: Total War. I'll make a video later on.

  3. Nice feature.

    Just a favor, could you make a review about the x220t with the x201t side by side to compare the resolution. For example showing the same google search results, and opening a standard A4 PDF document.

    The x220t looks good and has nice features, but I'm afraid of the new resolution.

    Thanks Jesse, I'll keep on watching:D

  4. One more thing:D
    Don't forget to have both orientation!
    I mean landscape, and his best friend, the portrait mode.

  5. Adam,
    I cannot make a side by side comparison because I don't have the Lenovo X201 Tablet anymore. I had to return it, and while I was at it Jeff from Lenovo asked me if I wanted to test the X220 Tablet (and naturally I said yes!).

  6. ahh that's not good...
    If there is any chance to borrow a tablet with 1280X800
    resolution, please try it.

    Btw, I don't know if you heard about the hp 2760p's specs
    leaked out, the optional 1440x900 screen is pretty tempting.
    Of course there many different features hard to beat: battery, ips screen and the 5 finger multitouch

    And the other opponent the dell xt3
    Nice looking, but the folks in the comments at gottabemobile.com mentioned
    problems sticking with N-trig digitizer.

    What's your advice to the tablet purchaser of the future?

  7. hey

    Does the touchpad come with 2 finger scrolling and multi-touch? For example, tap with 2 fingers to middle click, 3 fingers to triple click

  8. Adam,
    I haven't head of the HP 2760p specs. I'll check it out. I'll also check the XT3.

    My advice remains the same... figure out what you want to do with the system first, and if the machine has what you need then it's the right one.

    Anynymous regarding touchpad
    It's a Synaptics touchpad so it has multi-touch capabilities.

  9. Thanks for the review Jesse. So you have the non-Gorilla glass screen, how durable do you think the screen is? Are there any flex if you press it with a pen? Is it made of real glass? Do you think I should put a 3M Vikuiti screen protector on it like I did on my x61t?

  10. Jesse, thanks for the review.

    Can you please comment on the screen re. graininess and reflectivity? Some people are suggesting that the multi-touch feature will make the screen grainy and less-matte/more reflective.


  11. I have the Infinity glass version. The Gorilla one has now been shown on an unbox video and it features a brighter screen than the one I have.

    I'm not sure how durable the screen might be. The screen feels solid and there's no flex. Feels like glass.

    If you want to protect your screen you will always put some kind of screen protector. I would do it if the system was mine.

    The multi-touch versions are always grainier than the pen only version. I can say that even though I have the multi-touch version the screen is actually better than my 24 inch Gateway monitor. Yes the multi-touch version won't do great in direct sunlight.

  12. Hey Jesse

    Is it possible for you to put a side-by-side Ubuntu uTouch OS on X220t and test it out?

  13. No. This is a review unit and I cannot be toying around with the operating system.

  14. Thanks for the info on these gestures.

  15. Hi Jesse,

    Firstly thanks, I've found this really helpful. Sorry for revisiting the screen grainyness, I own a X200 tablet (non touch) & I've always found the screen grainy. Would you be able to comment on the relative grainyness between your old X201 & the X220? If there's a significant improvement I'll upgrade.

    thanks, Darren.

  16. Darren,
    I wish I had perfect memory and could recall exactly how each was. But I cannot. That's why reading the comments/posts will give you answers.

    I don't think either had strong graininess. But I do think the X220T does have a better screen.

  17. HI, I am a person who have been just becoming a x230t user. I installed win8 on my laptop just as I recived it. However, after installing it, I have just found something wrong that my x230t doesn't have 5 touch points. I just read some articles and posts such as your blogs and lenovo's product info. which said that x230t also support 5 touch points just like your x220t. However, my x230t doesn't. It does not support 5 touch points. My system information from win8 said "Pen and Limitted touch support with 2 touch points". Even if I reinstalled Win7 on my Laptop, it was not became a 5 finger machine. So I have some questions.
    1. x230t NOT support 5 touch points?
    2. x230t with win8 NOT support 5 touch points?
    3. if first 2 questions are all wrong, What is My mistake installing win8? and How do I fix it?
    I am really wondering and this is the problem that I really want to resolve.
    thanks jesse.

    1. 1. The X230T supports five touch point gestures, this is NOT the same as supporting five touch points at all times.

      2. I have not used Win 8 on the X230T, therefore I cannot help you there.

      3. Win 8 is not officially supported by Lenovo on the X230T. (as far as I'm aware)

    2. well.. okay. The answer from the first question,, It sounds really awkward... because,,,, Is it different between 5 touch point gestures and 5 touch points? I think it is quiet obvious that a device which is able to support 5 finger gesture should recognize 5 finger touch points simultaneously. Am I wrong?. I am not quibbling but just wondering.. It will give me a big help if you tell me your x230t's pen and touch ability which is appeared on system information(control panel->system:Pen and Touch below the System Type). In my case, "Pen and Limited Touch Support with 2 Touch Points" is appeared. I think you are right if your laptop also has a same touch ability with mine and it is natural that x230t with win8 support only 2 finger points. However, If your laptop support 5 touch points, it is something wrong with my machine due to my mistake or lenovo's. Anyway I want to know your touch ability first, so does it have same ability with mine?
      thank you jesse, your blog is really useful to me.

    3. It would seem natural that a 5 finger gesture system would handle 5 finger constant touch point, but that is not the case. The system says "Pen and Touch Input Available with 2 Touch Points." There is nothing wrong with your system, and your X230T is the same as mine.