Aug 4, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Power Manager Tip

Lenovo's Power Manager is responsible for performance and battery life of your X230T. By default the settings are set on a "dummy" slider mode, with a value of 75%. This is ok for most owners, but it is not optimal for either being mobile or when connected to power.

Being mobile means that we do not have access to a power outlet. When being mobile the goal is to have a functioning system that also conserves battery life.

When we are connected to power we may want the system to perform with its full capabilities. Battery life is no longer a priority and all we want is performance.

To get the X230T to perform optimally for each of those modes we need to tweak the Power Manager.

Power Manager Tip:
  • Press the Win key, type "Power Manager", and open it.
  • Click on the Advanced button on the upper right corner.
  • Select the Power Plan profile that you want to tweak.
    • I selected Power Source Optimized since it was close to what I wanted.
  • Tweak the settings for both Battery and AC Settings.
  • Click Apply and OK Buttons.

The system is now optimized for being mobile and when connected to a power adapter. No more adjusting the slider to get what you want, it does the adjustments automatically.

Optionally you can turn off the "Always On USB" under the Global Power Settings tab.



  1. Hi Jesse,
    I have been following up your blog about the X230T. Thanks a lot for these nice videos and tips.
    Yesterday, I just got my new X230T. I noticed that the fan "shakes" from time to time. It makes the sound like something gets stucked inside. This noise can be repeated by clicking the "Lenovo Turbo Boost+" button in the Power Management (under Basic view), especially when the the fan firstly does not spin (or very slow). Seconds before the fan starts to accelerate to full speed, the abnormal noise occurs.

    Do you know anything about this?

    I tried to uninstall the power management as well, but the "noise" remains when the fan starts to accelarate.

    Probably, I need to return this machine.

    Regards, Tao

    1. for a better (?) description, the fan makes kind of whiney noise when it suddenly accelarates...


    2. http://youtu.be/5qh01moS0cc

      I recorded this werid sound.

      regards, tao

    3. If the fan has issues early on, don't expect it to get better later. Use the system's warranty and get a replacement.

    4. thanks for the reply. i have decided to return it and order another one.

  2. I received my new lenevo x230. I was in outlook and somehow i have reduced the size of my text when i hit reply. I was noticing that when I was using the touch pad (within email) the text would increase and decrease. I called tech support only to have them checking outlook when i told them i am convinced its an adjustment on the lenovo. would anyone be able to help me out? Probably something something simple but I am stumped. I find the touch pad extremely hard to use and have went to wireless mouse.

    1. Text resizing is typical of Ctrl+Scroll. Sometimes using the trackpoint + scroll button can cause this behavior.

      You should check your Mouse Properties.

      Press Win key and type "mouse" then select the option under the Control Panel that says "Mouse". Now move to the UltraNav tab. From here you will have to explore the TrackPoint and the TouchPad "Settings" to determine which one is causing the zoom behavior.

      Good luck!

  3. Hello Jesse
    bought a new battery ( orginal lenovo 6cells battery)
    for my lenovo x23Ot unfortunately battery is not recognized by the system and don t charge
    i though i would fix it by installing power management for win8 but it seems is not available for WIN8
    do you have any idea
    thks rgds

    1. I'm not sure, but there is a possibility for the battery to be defective. If this is the case then I would exchange the battery.

    2. thanks jesse for your reply
      but this is the second new battery iam using for this trial
      with the same poor result
      i m in france and i bought this model from the usa
      may be this would be a clue?

    3. If you still have the original battery then you might want to compare some of the details on the stickers.

    4. thanks for your reply
      caracteristicals are the same
      i think i am going to wait for power management windows 8 update
      to see if it can fix my problem

  4. sorry means power manager for windows 8

    1. Often times when a manufacturer's drivers/software are not present, the operating system takes over. I find it strange that you would need a Win 8 Lenovo Power Manager. You might want to check Lenovo forums to see if anyone else is having similar experiences.

  5. you are right that should be the case
    i was wondering if there is any means to
    calibrate the battery
    otherwise there is not much about this issue
    on the internet
    thanks anyway