Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Some Images And Details

According to Engadget the X230T will have "Dolby Advanced Audio, face tracking technology, a mini-DisplayPort and a pair of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports".

Visually the X230T is very similar to the X220T. The most noticeable change is the keyboard, which may be backlit (confirmed by Notebook Review image). The X220T had a great keyboard, although somewhat outdated in the "looks" department.

You can click on the X220T image to the right to view more X220T images.

Another observation is that there may be a "slim" and an "extended" battery. The extended one can be used as a carrying handle, and the "slim" one is flushed with the system. The X220T had battery life of about 5 hours, which is also similar to the Samsung Series 7 Slate's.

Internally we can expect Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, so it should be faster in the CPU and GPU capabilities. I doubt that there will be a "discrete" graphics version (GPU has not been confirmed). The X220T had impressive graphics capabilities with it's integrated graphics, the X230T should be even more impressive.

Hopefully the X230T retains the docking station capabilities, improves battery life and the digitizer precision (which sometimes was terrible in the X220T). The screen size is 12.5 inches, but we still do not know the resolution. (the X220T had 1366x768)

Lenovo will eventually come out with all the details, the cool thing is that the launch will be in June 2012, and the price will start at about $1,479. The timing is sooner than I expected!

The X230T may become my primary PC.  After all, it is a laptop, a tablet, and a full on PC (if docking is possible). Once I have enough saved, I'll order it and begin creating X230T posts and videos. Enjoy the images, and if you feel like helping me acquire this tablet you can donate. (because it takes money to produce posts)


Published: May 15, 2012


  1. Somehow I think the old keyboard looked better, and even the ThinkLight solution was very practical, so the new, potentially backlit keyboard doesn't quite impress me. Nevertheless, ergonomics is what really matters and I'll be interested to see how the X230T will deliver that.
    I really doubt it will have a gpu. None of the competitors do, I figure. However, rumor has it that the upcoming MacBooks will boast "retina" displays. Some may argue, but I think ppi values exceeding 200 can be very useful, even in laptops. So I think Lenovo should throw in, say, a 2560x1440 diplay as an option even though it's only 12,5" in physical size.
    For use as a primary pc, I think the X230T will almost certainly be pretty damn good system.

    1. The X220T and W520 keyboards where durable and functional. I prefer the Lenovo keyboard over my current HP DV6T QE.

      The only company that makes convertible tablets with discrete GPU is Fujitsu. One of the T901 versions has Nvidia graphics.

      I use 1366x768 resolution every day, and sometimes I do feel it is not enough (especially with some editing software like Sony Vegas). We will have to wait and see what Lenovo does.

  2. If this thing doesn't come with better screen resolution, I will be MAAAAAAAAAD. 1366x786, while OK if you do everything maximized, is simply to small for any decent multitasking. Personally I'd be fine with 1600x900, but higher would definitely be better.

    Hoping for the new 35W quad proc as an option.

    As for the keyboard, any word on how spill-resistant it is?

    1. I agree with you on the resolution, because 1366x768 feels a bit cramped. Usually my taskbar is on the side or set to auto-hide. One of the issues with a higher resolution would be the precision of the pen and finger touch, the higher the resolution the harder it will be to click on the right thing (due to Win 7 UI).

      What we know so far regarding the CPU:
      "Up to 2nd Gen Intel Core i7 CPU" and it will have "Intel HD 4000".

      Regarding the keyboard and spill resistance: