Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - More Images And Details (from product page and data sheet)

Previously I published a X230T post called "Some Images And Details", this post will be more like Part 2. The information comes from Lenovo's recently published X230T official page and the X230T Data Sheet [published May 31st]

  • Specs
    • CPU
    • GPU
      • Intel HD 4000 (up to 60% performance increase).
      • i5 650 - 1200 Mhz.
      • i7 650 - 1250 Mhz.
    • RAM
      • Up to 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 (2 DIMM)
    • Storage
      • 320 GB up to 500 GB HDD.
      • 128 GB to 256 GB SSD SATA 3.
      • 16 GB mSATA
  • Screen
    • 12.5-Inch Reversible IPS display @ 300 nits brightness.
    • 1366x768 resolution.
    • Wacom based technology.
    • Multi-touch + pen (pressure sensitive digitizer)
      • 2 to 5 finger gestures.
    • Outdoor (Pen-Only) Panel (Direct-Bonded, Corning Gorilla Glass)
  • Input Devices
    • New Precision keyboard.
      • Backlit keys option with multiple brightness levels.
      • Improved noise suppression.
    • Touch + pen or pen only screen.
    • Mousepad (left and right click under pad)
    • Trackpoint (with left, right, and middle click buttons)
  • Ports & Features
    • Fingerprint reader.
    • 3 USB Ports
      • 2 are USB 3.0
      • 1 is Powered
    • Card reader, Ethernet RJ45, Audio combo jack, HDD/SSD drive panel, Pen holder, Kensington Lock.
    • Battery, Power port, heat vent.
    • VGA, Display Port (with audio), 54mm ExpressCard port (PCI-E 3.0), Antennas on/off switch.
    • Docking port, battery drain holes, RAM access panel.
    • Optional Gemplus or CherryCrdReader 54mm ExpressCard Smart Card Reader from Lenovo.
  • Operating System Options
    • Windows 7 Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate (64-bit)
    • Windows 7 Pro (32-bit)
  • Software
    • Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 for Win 7.
      • Up to 40% faster boot times with RapidBoot.
      • Self-encrypting drives.
      • Hardware Password Manager.
      • Bios Port Lock (disables all input and output ports remotely)
      • USB Blocker (blocks different types of USB devices)
    • Active Protection System (for hard drive)
    • ThinkVantage software for security and manageability.
    • Power Manager 6.0, Access Connetions 5.9, Password Manager 4.0
    • Other
      • SimpleTap.
      • Norton Internet Security 2012, MS Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Skype, MS WindowsLive Essentials 2011, Evernote,Lenovo Cloud Storage by Sugarsync, Symantec VIP (Verisgn Identify Protection).
  • Audio
    • Dolby Advanced Audio v2.
    • Speakers on screen bezel.
    • Dual array microphones.
      • Key suppression.
    • Combo Audio Jack (mic+stereo out)
  • Video
    • Low-light 720p HD webcam with Face Tracking.
  • Wireless
    • Wifi options:
      • Intel Centrino Advanced-N
      • ThinkPad b/g/n Wireless (1x1 BGN)
      • Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 (2x2 BGN)
      • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (2x2 AGN)
    • Wireless WWAN
      • Gobi 3K 14.4 Mbps / HSPA.
      • Ericsson HSPA + WWAN Minicard (H5321gw)
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Intel Widi 2.0 (Wireless Display technology)
  • Battery
    • Up to 8 hours of battery life.
    • Charge battery up to 80% in 30 minutes with RapidCharge.
    • Up to 18 hours of battery life with external battery.
  • Dimensions
    • 12" x 9" 1.06" - 1.23"
    • 305mm x 228.7mm x 26.92mm - 31.24mm.
  • Weight
    • 3.67 lbs (1.66 kg)
  • Release date
    • June 2012
    • (it may take 3 weeks to build and ship after the order is placed, therefore don't expect to get your hands on it until late June or July)

I'll update the post when more details become available.



Published: May 24, 2012


  1. You said up to core i7 second gen so no ivy bridge cause its a 3rd gen?

    1. I rewrote what Lenovo wrote, so I didn't say it. ;)

      While Lenovo said that the X230 Laptop had "up to 2nd gen Intel Core i7" there are some reviews stating Ivy Bridge. Lisa Gade at Mobile Tech Review mentioned Ivy Bridge - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iVO3oPHJDqY
      X230 Laptop - http://www.jessebandersen.com/2012/05/lenovo-thinkpad-x230-tablet-laptop.html

      Another interesting detail is that the X230's page said that it could have "up to 8GB RAM", while the X230T's said it could have "up to 16GB RAM". There may be some errors on the page.

  2. sorry I misscommunicated my thaught :), but yeah that would be very disapointing if they stick with curent gen cpu for new line of x serie, I hope not and up to 16 gb would be fantastic !

  3. It is very disheartening that Lenovo got rid of the traditional Thinkpad keyboard for a chiclet keyboard.

    1. They may be truly trying to improve their keyboards (several reviews are positive about the new keyboard) Another factor is just the business cycles, companies need to produce "new" stuff to compete in a cluttered market. And one more theory is that Lenovo mass produces keyboards, to minimize costs, and they fit this same keyboard in multiple systems.

      The previous generation systems did have a very solid keyboard, lets hope this new one is as durable.

  4. Hey guys the spec sheet is out

    1. it looks like its finaly an Ivy Bridge cpu for core i7 and i5 :) 3rd gen sweet !!!

    2. I beat you to it. ;) The page has been updated with the info from the data sheet.


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