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[June 30 2012 update- This post will no longer be updated]

This post will have a collection of articles regarding the Lenovo ThinkPad X230T. There will be many new articles as launch date gets closer.





Published: May 16, 2012


  1. Hi Jesse I saw most of your rewiev videos about x220 tablet and let me tell you huge thank you for all the efforts to bring us some constructive feedback about that tech stuff. So I almost decided to get x220t when you posted this post about x230t coming very soon . So my question is , is it worth waiting the release and get x230t or the differense its not that important. I am 3d character modeler for games and was getting this toy mostly for improving my traditional drawing skills , so photoshop and maybe zbrush (3d sculpting software). For me price its also matter at b&h photo I fount x220t with core i7 for 1375$ now and i am not sure how much the new ivybridge based x230t will cost and if intel hd4000 will worth spending extra. So whad do you think.
    Thank you again for your time and effort.

    1. I am waiting for the X230T, because I hope it is capable enough to become my "main" system. Maybe it will be powerful enough to replace my 2011 HP DV6T QE, which I use for some intensive tasks (3D gaming + recording, 1080p video editing and rendering, etc).

      The X220T is a very capable system, if you want the system I would still wait until the X230T launched. The price of the X220T should drop. FYI the X230T price will start at $1,479 (not bad).

      If you are focusing on 2D and some 3D, then the X220T will work well enough.

      If you want to go "slate only" the Series 7 Slate is another alternative.

      When it comes to pen accuracy I think the Series 7 Slate was better than the X220T. Hopefully Lenovo heard their customers and have improved the pen accuracy.

      There are a few other improvements on the new models that should be of interest to you. Some of the improvements will be Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3, and faster charge times.

      The hardware in the X230T should (hopefully) be more Windows 8 friendly, which may be something worth considering. There will be more "Windows 8 ready" tablets launched later on.

      So after many elements taking into consideration I think I will wait for the X230T and I would recommend that you do the same. (9m)

    2. Thank you for advise, eah i was serching like crazy all kind of feedback on samsung 7 serie slate but came to realisation that it is a very powerfull ipad no upgrade possibilitys and I heard to many people complaining with built quality and I had asus ep121 ee slate and tryed photoshop and zbrush, at first it ran nice but after 1 hour you could hear fan spinning and at that point I knew pretty much any mobile device like that would work same way caus its very process demanding task and any kind of mobile cpu or gpu will be calculating like crazy especially the ones in tablet so for that reason I desided to stick with something halfway not that mobile like slate but with wacom tech in it thats why I chose x220 t and no complaints about built quality, ah btw i found a thread on lenovo support site about pen precision issue whey released new firmware to fix the issue (on x220t) i dont know if you aware of that if not I can post a link to that thread or firmware.

    3. The Series 7 Slate should be better than the EP121 (at least CPU/GPU wise). The earlier batches of the S7S did have screen separation issues, which must have driven a lot of people crazy.

      You can post the link regarding the X220T firmware fix at:

      I wish I had kept the X220T a bit longer, so I could have been more involved with the community. I want to have the X230T for a long time, which will allow me to share plenty of information. (5m)

    4. I know ep121 had 1st gen i5 cpu and s7s its a sandybridge and also ep121 had previous gen intel graphic chipset and s7s its hd300 but again no way to upgrade s7s and for about 200$ extra (not from lenovo :)you can get 8gb of ram with 160gb ssd for your x220t or x230t:) so make perfect sense to me and I guess to you 2 cause you planning to make it your day to day system.
      BTW I don't see you doing anything on dell laptops is there any reason why .

    5. Usually I get systems that make me think "I want it!", and lately Dell has not impressed me enough. The other constraint is funds, which limits what I can purchase For a while I was highly tempted on buying an Alienware M11X (basically a gaming netbook!), but the HP Pavilion DV6T QE was such a good deal (very good performance for very little money).

      I'm undecided on whether to get the SSD or HDD version of the X230T. I love the speed of the SSDs, but I want to try the Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3.0 in hard drives. I need at least 256GB of storage, and an SSD would be more expensive than a HDD, but a lot faster. (4m)

    6. I will probably get the hdd one and upgrade down the road when have more money and it will be even cheaper, just need to make sure to get 7mm ssd once I am ready to upgrade but one thing I will upgrade right away its ram gonna get 8gb not from lenovo taught (to pricy +160$ from 4 to 8 gbwhen you can buy it elsewhere for around 70 $ 8gb(good ram))
      One last question , when you customize on lenovo site it says system include 1 year warranty but when you buy prebuilt system from reseller it includes 3 year warranty, any idea about that ?