Samsung Series 7 Slate - 3D Demo Scenes

Left side = normal settings | Right side = low vram enabled.

The Samsung Series 7 Slate (SS7S) has an Intel Core i5-2467m which can go from 1.6Ghz to 2.3Ghz, so it should be able to do most Windows desktop tasks. When it comes to graphics thin slate tablets have not been great. The Core i5 that comes in the SS7S is an Intel HD 3000 Graphics which can do 1080p video, streamed flash video, and some 3D. How intensive can those 3D programs be? well that's determined by the Intel HD 3000.

Intel HD 3000:
  • 350 Mhz Base Frequency
  • 1.15 Ghz Max Dynamic Frequency
  • 1696 MB Aprox Total Memory

Spec wise those numbers are ok. It can run some 3D games and programs, but don't expect the performance to be up to "gaming laptop" level.

I decided to run two demo scenes which you can also download and test yourself. Demo scenes are programs that showcase real-time graphics. They are NOT videos.

Stargazer is the first demo scene and it runs well on the Series 7 Slate. The video shows the normal settings and low vram versions running side by side. Obviously the low vram version will run faster, but the graphics are a bit lower in quality. The normal settings version is rendered slower, but has better graphics. The creators of Stargazer recommend an Nvidia GF8800 or equivalent graphics adaptor. From what I can see the SS7S runs the demo well enough.

Computer Candy Overload is the second demo scene and it's way more intensive than Stargazer. The demo was released in 2010 for Assembly. As you can view on the video the SS7S does not run it smoothly. It requires more graphical power.

In short I can say that the SS7S can do some 3D programs. It will run emulators, some classic PC 3D games, and programs that don't require high poly count and big textures rendering. Again, don't expect this tablet to be up to "gaming laptop" performance.


Published: Nov 28, 2011

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