We need a convertible tablet with Pixel Qi

Gear: Pixel Qi.

We need a convertible tablet using it because:

A. Eyes
- LCDs toss a lot of light into your eyes. LCDs do degrade your eyesight by "drying" your eyes. In a way your eyes must recover from this constant beating. For those of us who are exposed for many hours to computer monitors the Pixel Qi could help our eyes a lot.

B. Readable in the Sun
- Convertible tablets should be usable in any environment. Outside a building or inside a building, it shouldn't matter. With Pixel Qi this is possible.

C. Battery Life
- One thing that we all want is longer battery life in our mobile devices. Convertible tablets have relied on extended batteries to extend battery life. Imagine having Pixel Qi with an extended battery to prolong the battery life? You could go for tons of hours without having to find a power outlet. This would make convertible tablets truly portable devices.

The company that creates a convertible tablet with Pixel Qi will gain massive buzz if they add the screen technology. The Notion Ink Adam is creating tons of buzz because they hold a monopoly. Once Pixel Qi is added to a convertible tablet I'm willing to spend dollars.

Published: Dec 13, 2010

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