Sep 29, 2010

The Kno - Revolutionize Higher Education?

Usually I'm against slate systems, especially those without a keyboard. However the Kno has a very interesting user interface and promises to help remove the massive amount of scholar textbooks.

Why get rid of scholar books:
- You must buy the current version, which is revised by next year and re released (now your version is useless) - Imagine how schools deal with this with thousands of books.
- The bigger the book the more weight to carry around. Digital formate stores tons of books with a small device and they don't weight more.
- More pages = more trees killed

Check http://kno.com/the-kno.html for more details.

Once they pair tablets/slates with something like Pixel Qi they will have something that can replace those massive books.

Sep 26, 2010

Project - Lenovo X201

I'm a big fan of tablet computers and the Lenovo X201 is one of the best tablets out there right now (2010). Since I'm a tech addict I have to dive in and share what I find. This system is powerful and during the past 24 hours it has replaced my main computer which has a fairly powerful Phenom II x4 at 3.4Ghz. It truly is amazing and the guys at Lenovo have entrusted me with a unit. I'll try to make the new blog the No. 1 source of information for the Lenovo X201.

Visit the new site at:

Free Crush It Book - Winner

You are the winner of the Crush It book giveaway! I hope you answer my email and send me your shipping address. :) I'll send it Monday.

Another giveaway right now:
S10-3T Case

Filmed with a Sony HDR CX150 and edited with a Lenovo X201

Sep 21, 2010

How to turn laptop/netbook or desktop screen into a touch screen

While there are kits for specific laptops/netbooks they usually require a disassembly and require a bit of time an patience.  Now... maybe you don't have the patience or your laptop or monitor is not supported and you want to have the touch screen now.  Here are some solutions if you want an easy way to add touch to your screen. They are not in any particular order of which is best.

Duo Dynamic Digital Pen
Some hyped up video promotion

Some explanation


Pen and Free Duo for Laptop at Amazon
Duo Tablet Kit at Amazon

SISO Tablo

Slash Gear Review
Techno Brains Review
Google Products

Box Contents


Hubpages.com Article
Gizmodo Article
A place to get it?
I think the company doesn't exist anymore.

EZScreen Instant Clip-On Touchscreen

EZScreen Homepage

IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe

Iogear Digital Scribe at Amazon

Now which one of these are the best? I'm not sure but there are some good ones. Enjoy!

Sep 19, 2010

Eliminating My Twitter Accounts

Maybe I never got it...  I prefer Facebook where I can post stuff and that information remains on a page for others to see and maybe learn from.  (Groups)

I see twitter as a spam machine, it's stupid.  So you follow 500 people and you really just get their spam, then you post your spam, and what's the purpose?   If you search for a product you get more commercial links than informational links, so in the end it's worse than email spam.

It seems that you must follow tons of people and then tons of people follow you, and then your followers follow other people.  I can see use for celebrities... but not for real information.

They have said that Twitter is worth over a $1 Billion dollars, well I haven't spent a cent on that system and to me it's worth $0.  Who knows how they will make money.  My bet is that since they have a massive amount of "users" that means that all of a sudden they could throw advertisements and get massive amounts of advert revenue.

Maybe there are things that are important to "follow".  However, when it comes to writing a twit you are very limited and usually you must post a link (pretty much what digg, google, reddit do already).  I'm not using this waste of time system.

I'm removing all of my Twitter accounts except for my personal one.

Example Twitter Search
Twitter - S10-3T - how many commercial links do you see?

Accounts eliminated:

Sep 17, 2010

Free Crush It Book!

If you are a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuck or would like to know more about him this is an excellent opportunity to get Crush It for free.  This is the book that got me started creating content online (blogs and videos).  If anything it will inspire you.

Can you count how many "ahs" I say? I had never noticed that I said it that much. There's always something to improve. ;)

To get this book:
Post a comment with your favorite 3 or 5 websites/blogs that inspire you (can be anything really)
Email me the exact same list but include your name and shipping address

No I don't sell your email and address, they are already on the internet somewhere.  I will pick one winner since I have one book to give away.

Entries end  Sept 24, 2010, winner will be picked Sept 25.

Video time!

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck

Sep 15, 2010

Brain Games - Derren Brown

This charming fellow is Derren Brown, an illusionist, mentalist, and showman. I have spent several days watching all of his clips and they are very entertaining.  With his shows he offers some wonderful insights on our lovely brain.

Topics that have caught my attention:
Subliminal messages and mind control
Photo reading and mnemonics
Behavior prediction

Embeds have been disabled on lot's of the youtube clips so I can only link to them.

Subliminal Advertising
Shopping Mall
Photo Reading
Finding a Bean in a Pile of Beans
Negative Suggestion
The Milgram Experiment
New Age Belief System

The System
The Heist
The So Called Messiah
Mind Control
Trick or Treat
Trick of the Mind

Since I wanted to find more info on what he does and his insights I got one of his books called Tricks of the Mind.  It does cover some of the of his personal thoughts, some magic, memory stuff, hypnosis, unconscious communication and New Age stuff.

He does have a second book called Extracts from "Tricks of the Mind" which I hope goes deeper than the introductions of the previous book.  There's quite a bit of merchandise from him these days [1, 2]

How does he achieve what he achieves?  he mentions that he uses a combination of "magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship".  He seems to know more than the average joe on some topics, so he's an expert with his knowledge and skill.

Now... what is real and what isn't real? :)


Iomega eGo Black Belt Portable Hard Drive Unbox Video

I need to store quite a few videos.  My biggest fear has been bumping my existing hard drive and all of my videos are gone in a split second.  It has happened before with several terabyte external hard drives.  Most hard drives might offer a few months of warranty and Iomega offers 3 years, that's quite a commitment.

If it can store my stuff for years then the product is worth it to me. I have lost so much stuff before (Realm Crafter code, personal videos and pictures). I'm not doing that again. I could store things in the "cloud", but uploading those 1080p videos takes so long with my internet connection. It has to be an external portable hard drive and the Iomega Black Belt has better ratings than most portable hard drives.

Look at this dude tossing the Iomega all over the place, pretty impressive.

It survived till toss 12 while being thrown in the worst ways possible.

Youtube videos of the Iomega Black Belt
I should have bought it from Amazon at $80 instead of the $100 at Best Buy. :(

Others that I saw and was tempted:
Mini Portable Hard Drive - it's so small
Lacie Rugged Hard Drive

Resistive Screen Tablet Thoughts

Capacitive is good method for using your fingers, the problem is that it's not a precise for note taking. I would rather have both finger and stylus input similar to the N-Trig or the Wacom.

Blog - HP TM2
Blog - Lenovo S10-3T
Amazon - HP TX Series

Sep 14, 2010

N-Trig Demonstrates Cool Multi Touch Gestures

As you might have already been bored by resizing pictures demonstrations from tons of tablet pcs here's some innovation by N-Trig.

Now... where can I get my hands on a computer with their technology?  Some devices like the Dell XT and XT2 Tablet and HP Touchsmart TX2 have them. They might not have all of the features shown on the videos, but we'll begin seeing more and more.

The HP TM2 uses Wacom and not N-Trig.

Thanks to:

Sep 5, 2010

Fujitsu and their 4 Finger Multi Touch Lifebook T580 - Awesome!

It's simple and awesome!

 I think tablets have kind of failed at marketing themselves, and we have seen multi touch capable systems, the problem is the software that they offer does not take advantage of the features.  Now... check out the video and then check the white paper about the upcoming T580.  It has the right idea and the touch gestures are well thought.  It's better than my Advanced Flicks for sure.

Lagoon is useless.  But like the whitepaper mention there will be great possibilities with this device.  Check out the specs and details, and images below.

Fujitsu T580 Specs and details:
Processor: Intel Core i3 (1.33 Ghz) 3MB cache or Intel Core i5 (1.33 Ghz) with 3MB cache
Memory: 2GB or 4GB DDR3, 1066Mhz PC3-8500, SO DIMM (max of 8GB)
Hard Disk: SSD Sata (64GB,128GB) or SATA Hard drives (160GB, 320GB, 500GB)
Battery: 3 Cell (2900 mAh) or 6 cell (5800 mAh - up to 8 hours)
WLAN: Optional Atheron Minicard b/g/n or Intel Centrino 6200 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth: Optional 2.1
UMTS: Optional Sierra Wireless Gobi 2000
 - 10.1 inch TFT Dual Digitize, HD, LED Backlight touchscreen at 1366 x 768 pixels (16:9 ratio)
 - Ambient light sensor
 - Max Resolution external display: 1920 x 1200 / true color / 85 Hz
 - Intel HD Graphics with DX 10.1 support
- SD Card Reader
- SmartCard Slot
- SIM Card slot
- 2 x USB slots
- Ethernet
- DC In
- Audio In
- Audio out
- Internal MIC
- Kensington lock
Keyboards and Pointing Devices:
- Spill resistand keyboard with 82 keys
- Fingerprint sensor
- Status LED
- Touch-Screen with up to four points
- Stylus (rumors mention the N-trig)
- Touchpad with two mouse buttons
- Three hardware keys (rotation, ?, ?)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 270 x 189 x 39.7
Weight: 1.4Kg (with 3 cell battery)

Release date: "available in all regions in late November 2010, pre-orders begin October 1, 2010"

What's the price of the T580?
  - "The LIFEBOOK T580 is the lowest-priced tablet PC in Fujitsu’s line-up. Exact pricing varies by region."  I'm guessing around $1000

Official Webpage (some images shown are mixed with another model)
Official Lifebook T580 Specs PDF
Full Fujitsu Lifebook T580 User Guide PDF
Fujitsu Blog
FujitsuTS Youtube

Some images (click to enlarge)

Sep 4, 2010

Project - Nano 6G

I started a new website about Apple's 6th Generation Nano.  I really like the small form factor of this device, and I find very interesting that multi-touch concepts have been added to such a small screen.

Like I have mentioned before I do a lot of physical activity and find that most mp3 players get in the way of my work out.  With the Nano 6G I can easily clip it and if I have to I can view and navigate my music files with the touch screen.  It's a good product which is a bit pricey ($150 for 8GB and $172 for 16GB)   Anyways it should be a good system for my purposes.

Check http://www.nano6g.com for details.

Sep 2, 2010

12 Inch Netbooks - Why?

Netbooks are great portable machines.  I have bought 6 netbooks which include 4 Acer Aspire Ones, 1 Lenovo S10-3T, and 1 Asus 1201N.  The 1201N being the first 12 inch netbook.  I'm starting to see a trend were a lot a of companies are selling 12 inch "netbooks".  I completely disagree with this.

I see 12 inch netbooks being more like low powered laptops with no disc drive.  This kind of defeats the purpose of the portability factor that makes netbooks so neat.

The idea of a portable and usable full powered Windows computing that is easy to carry is what I have always seek.   12 inch netbooks are poping everywhere.  Maybe companies have figured out a way to make more money with the same specs as the 8.9 inch netbooks by making the screen bigger.  Who knows.

You can view all of my posts about the Asus 1201N at:
http://www.ionoverview.com - Label Asus 1201N

Korg MicroX for Sale (SOLD)

I bought a used Korg MicroX from eBay and I don't play it very often.  So it has to go.  The system sounds amazing, the system is fully functional.

eBay Link:
Get a Korg MicroX at Amazon

What's in the box:

  • Korg MicroX Unit
  • Orange case
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable (not the official one, it's a bonus!)


  • Used
  • There is cosmetic damage which includes scratches on the surface (It's how I got it)

Payment Method:

Continental US Only via UPS

Full details at:

Check out these video performances using the MicroX:

eBay Link:

Amazon - Korg MicroX Prices

If you have any questions please ask, thank you.

Jesse B Andersenhttp://www.jessebandersen.com

Sexy Korg MicroX!

Korg MicroX left side (there's a standard 3.5mm on the front side bottom left)

Korg MicroX right side

Korg MicroX Back side

Korg MicroX Inputs

Korg MicroX Ports - USB, Midi In and Out, and Damper

Korg MicroX Ports - Assignable Switch and Pedal, Individual Output 1 and 2, and Main Output L and R.

Amazon - Korg MicroX

Sep 1, 2010

iPod Nano 6G for Running and Working Out

 This could be a wrist watch!

I like to work out quite a bit and my Palm Pre is pretty horrible.  The Pre is bulky, the touch is slow for music, and it crashes all the time.  The new Nano looks really darn freaking awesome and since I like to organize my music and audio books this can be really darn good.  For my runs the Nano 6G can be perfect.  The Nano 6G can be good for any workout really. :-)

Awesome little clip so it's not annoying like those armbands.

Me up at the Y

Little video

I usually don't like Apple, but I really like the look of this iPod. The scrolling through my media is what really is important to me and the Nano's got it.

Nano 6G Blog
Nano 6G with Nike + for Running

iPod Nano 6G 8GB price is $149 so that's quite a bit, prices will drop over time. The 16GB goes for $179.99 so that's $30 more for 8GB.
The new iPod Shuffle is going for $50 so it's more economical.

For all the latest iPods click here.

Project - Lenovo S10-3T - Traffic Analytics and Economy

Before I started the lenovos103t.com blog I spent a lot of time reading books like the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, and Gary Vaynerchuck's Crush It book.  Those inspired me to start something on the web, something I had passion in.  At the time I had interest in tablet computers, but they were super expensive and they are bulky.  Some of the new netvertibles seemed like the choice for me.  I had to choose between the Lenovo S10-3T or the Viliv S10.  It came down to what should I spend my money in and since the S10-3T was priced less than the overpriced Viliv S10 I decided to go with the S10-3T.

When I received my S10-3T it was barely slow, since it had tons of bloatware the system was terrible.  You could do very little with it.  Since I have a good amount of experience with computers I decided to fix the problems and share tips and "how to" articles and videos.  This was the birth of lenovos103t.com

Before I bought the S10-3T I bought two domains http://www.lenovos103t.com and http://www.vilivs10.com  to see what the results of each were.  Since Dynamism didn't want to work with me to create buzz on the web, and Lenovo can't answer a simple email, I went solo.  No sponsorships whatsoever.  These are the results of the lenovos103t.com to this date (Aug 31, 2010)

Analytics - traffic to the site (numbers)
Economy - system of production and distribution and consumption (making money)

Analytics (March 1 to Aug 31, 2010)

Amount of visitors from the beginning till today

Total Visits: 84,916
Pageviews: 240,188
Avg Time on Site: 4 minutes and 42 seconds
Returning Visitor: 48,331 (56.92%)
New Visitor: 36,585 (43.08%)

Countries - 84,916 visit from 146 countries/territories
Other - 21,264


Traffic Sources:
Google takes the lead (No. 2 spot on the search engine with "lenovo s10-3t" keyword)

Bits of info:
You can see from the graphs above that the site had a slow start, averaging around 400 visitors a day. As time went by and after I went into several blogs and posted links to how to improve the S10-3T there was an increase of visitors.  Since I had to sell the system the amount of loyal visitors will drop, there will be an increase of new visitors seeking information on how to improve their S10-3Ts.  I expect this number to increase dramatically for this fall when Microsoft and several other vendors push the tablet to consumers.  I project at least another 72,000 more visitors this year (600 visitors x 30 days x 4 months)) Along with it sales of S10-3Ts will come.

So far 31 Lenovo S10-3Ts have been sold through my links which yield Lenovo a nice $13,950 if we price the S10-3T at $450.  I'm sure that the influence of the site has sold more than a few hundred, if not thousands.

Known Stats:
S10-3Ts: 31 sold
SD Cards: 49 sold
2GB RAM Modules:  118 sold

Now if the numbers above are correct, the influence of my site has:
31 S10-3Ts - $13,950 in S10-3T revenue
49 SD Cards sold because S10-3Ts that needed it - $22,050 in S10-3Ts revenue
118 2GB modules sold because S10-3Ts needed it which would be $53,100 in S10-3T revenue.

So I know that the blog has influenced a contributed at least $53,100 in S10-3T revenue to Lenovo.

Sales total from my Amazon account:
545 Items Shipped (S10-3Ts, SD cards, RAM sticks, Cases, Electronics and other)
Revenue - $37,861.27
Advertising Fees (what I get) - $1,914.48

Now that's a bit weak from my Amazon account.  I'm sure that other websites which offered coupons took a lot of sales.  I have received lots of messages of people saying that they bought the system because of the videos and articles that I posted.  Interestingly enough they bought from a lot of different sources.  I obviously did not get money, but I'm sure that lots of companies have benefited from my work.  Sadly, the amount I received was not enough for my expenses and the S10-3T has got to go. :-( 

Now...  Since there has been 48,331 returning visitors, my guestimation is that several thousands of them have an S10-3T.  What I would really like to know:
How many people got their system because of influence from the blog (videos and articles)
How many did not return the system because of my optimization tips and demonstrations?

Since 43% of the traffic includes new people I see a massive amount of future sales.  I'm sure that lots of companies benefited from my blog. I would really like to work with a company that is fairly flexible.  The ROI as I explained to Dynamism is more than enough.

I spent:
$500 on a S10-3T
$40 on a 2GB Module
$40 on a TV Tuner
$200 on a SSD
$20 on a case
$10 on a Dagi Stylus

Not much spent in the eyes of a company.  If we grabbed 10% of the 48,331 returning visitors that would give us 4,833 people.  If that 10% of them bought an S10-3T because of the influence of the blog we would be seeing a $2,174,850 revenue for Lenovo. The ROI is tremendous!  In a way I'm the best not employed employee of Lenovo. :-)

One really sad thing about my content is that it has been copied and distributed without my permission.  They have also removed my referral links and replaced them with their links which generates money for other people (money keeps flowing to Lenovo in that case).  I get nada.

Oh, how many visitors did vilivs10.com get because I could not create original content for it?   2,656. That number is 3% of what lenovos103t.com got with 84,916 visitors.  Dynamism didn't want it, so it's their loss.  That's the power of original content, someone who answers thousands of emails, inspires a bit of innovation, fixes problems, and has a bit of NOT robot like character.  :-)  In the end I hope the site helps tons of people with their S10-3Ts, that is the only thing that matters to me.  Money is a side thing.

If you work for a company and would like me to explore your products just send me an email or give me a call.  I'll make sure to do my best.

Jesse B Andersen
Technology Enthusiast

If you have a Lenovo S10-3T, any netbook or netvertible, and even tablet pcs check http://www.lenovos103t.com for tons useful tips.  I won't post new content there as my S10-3T is being shipped tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Other stats:
Around 125,000 views on youtube and growing
Sival Instruments has worked with me and they are getting sales