Sep 1, 2010

Project - Lenovo S10-3T - Traffic Analytics and Economy

Before I started the lenovos103t.com blog I spent a lot of time reading books like the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, and Gary Vaynerchuck's Crush It book.  Those inspired me to start something on the web, something I had passion in.  At the time I had interest in tablet computers, but they were super expensive and they are bulky.  Some of the new netvertibles seemed like the choice for me.  I had to choose between the Lenovo S10-3T or the Viliv S10.  It came down to what should I spend my money in and since the S10-3T was priced less than the overpriced Viliv S10 I decided to go with the S10-3T.

When I received my S10-3T it was barely slow, since it had tons of bloatware the system was terrible.  You could do very little with it.  Since I have a good amount of experience with computers I decided to fix the problems and share tips and "how to" articles and videos.  This was the birth of lenovos103t.com

Before I bought the S10-3T I bought two domains http://www.lenovos103t.com and http://www.vilivs10.com  to see what the results of each were.  Since Dynamism didn't want to work with me to create buzz on the web, and Lenovo can't answer a simple email, I went solo.  No sponsorships whatsoever.  These are the results of the lenovos103t.com to this date (Aug 31, 2010)

Analytics - traffic to the site (numbers)
Economy - system of production and distribution and consumption (making money)

Analytics (March 1 to Aug 31, 2010)

Amount of visitors from the beginning till today

Total Visits: 84,916
Pageviews: 240,188
Avg Time on Site: 4 minutes and 42 seconds
Returning Visitor: 48,331 (56.92%)
New Visitor: 36,585 (43.08%)

Countries - 84,916 visit from 146 countries/territories
Other - 21,264


Traffic Sources:
Google takes the lead (No. 2 spot on the search engine with "lenovo s10-3t" keyword)

Bits of info:
You can see from the graphs above that the site had a slow start, averaging around 400 visitors a day. As time went by and after I went into several blogs and posted links to how to improve the S10-3T there was an increase of visitors.  Since I had to sell the system the amount of loyal visitors will drop, there will be an increase of new visitors seeking information on how to improve their S10-3Ts.  I expect this number to increase dramatically for this fall when Microsoft and several other vendors push the tablet to consumers.  I project at least another 72,000 more visitors this year (600 visitors x 30 days x 4 months)) Along with it sales of S10-3Ts will come.

So far 31 Lenovo S10-3Ts have been sold through my links which yield Lenovo a nice $13,950 if we price the S10-3T at $450.  I'm sure that the influence of the site has sold more than a few hundred, if not thousands.

Known Stats:
S10-3Ts: 31 sold
SD Cards: 49 sold
2GB RAM Modules:  118 sold

Now if the numbers above are correct, the influence of my site has:
31 S10-3Ts - $13,950 in S10-3T revenue
49 SD Cards sold because S10-3Ts that needed it - $22,050 in S10-3Ts revenue
118 2GB modules sold because S10-3Ts needed it which would be $53,100 in S10-3T revenue.

So I know that the blog has influenced a contributed at least $53,100 in S10-3T revenue to Lenovo.

Sales total from my Amazon account:
545 Items Shipped (S10-3Ts, SD cards, RAM sticks, Cases, Electronics and other)
Revenue - $37,861.27
Advertising Fees (what I get) - $1,914.48

Now that's a bit weak from my Amazon account.  I'm sure that other websites which offered coupons took a lot of sales.  I have received lots of messages of people saying that they bought the system because of the videos and articles that I posted.  Interestingly enough they bought from a lot of different sources.  I obviously did not get money, but I'm sure that lots of companies have benefited from my work.  Sadly, the amount I received was not enough for my expenses and the S10-3T has got to go. :-( 

Now...  Since there has been 48,331 returning visitors, my guestimation is that several thousands of them have an S10-3T.  What I would really like to know:
How many people got their system because of influence from the blog (videos and articles)
How many did not return the system because of my optimization tips and demonstrations?

Since 43% of the traffic includes new people I see a massive amount of future sales.  I'm sure that lots of companies benefited from my blog. I would really like to work with a company that is fairly flexible.  The ROI as I explained to Dynamism is more than enough.

I spent:
$500 on a S10-3T
$40 on a 2GB Module
$40 on a TV Tuner
$200 on a SSD
$20 on a case
$10 on a Dagi Stylus

Not much spent in the eyes of a company.  If we grabbed 10% of the 48,331 returning visitors that would give us 4,833 people.  If that 10% of them bought an S10-3T because of the influence of the blog we would be seeing a $2,174,850 revenue for Lenovo. The ROI is tremendous!  In a way I'm the best not employed employee of Lenovo. :-)

One really sad thing about my content is that it has been copied and distributed without my permission.  They have also removed my referral links and replaced them with their links which generates money for other people (money keeps flowing to Lenovo in that case).  I get nada.

Oh, how many visitors did vilivs10.com get because I could not create original content for it?   2,656. That number is 3% of what lenovos103t.com got with 84,916 visitors.  Dynamism didn't want it, so it's their loss.  That's the power of original content, someone who answers thousands of emails, inspires a bit of innovation, fixes problems, and has a bit of NOT robot like character.  :-)  In the end I hope the site helps tons of people with their S10-3Ts, that is the only thing that matters to me.  Money is a side thing.

If you work for a company and would like me to explore your products just send me an email or give me a call.  I'll make sure to do my best.

Jesse B Andersen
Technology Enthusiast

If you have a Lenovo S10-3T, any netbook or netvertible, and even tablet pcs check http://www.lenovos103t.com for tons useful tips.  I won't post new content there as my S10-3T is being shipped tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Other stats:
Around 125,000 views on youtube and growing
Sival Instruments has worked with me and they are getting sales



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