Sep 17, 2010

Free Crush It Book!

If you are a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuck or would like to know more about him this is an excellent opportunity to get Crush It for free.  This is the book that got me started creating content online (blogs and videos).  If anything it will inspire you.

Can you count how many "ahs" I say? I had never noticed that I said it that much. There's always something to improve. ;)

To get this book:
Post a comment with your favorite 3 or 5 websites/blogs that inspire you (can be anything really)
Email me the exact same list but include your name and shipping address

No I don't sell your email and address, they are already on the internet somewhere.  I will pick one winner since I have one book to give away.

Entries end  Sept 24, 2010, winner will be picked Sept 25.

Video time!

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck


Myles said...

1. Lenovos103t.com
2. Engadget.com
3. Gizmodo.con
4. Netbooknews.com
5. Netbookchoice.com

Anonymous said...

1) Google ...Google knows everything
2) Amazon ...Generally great prices & reviews
3) Lenovos10-3t ...Because of this site I bought a 3t & I'm loving it
4) eBay ... Best appraisal service around


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