Feb 25, 2010

Accell Ultra AV Active Display Port for 3 Monitor Goodness

Gear: Accell UltraAV DisplayPort/DVI Adapter, ATI Radeon HD 5870, HP 2509m, GRAW 2, Flip Ultra HD.

If you have an ATI Radeon HD5870 you will need an Active Display Port to run your third monitor. This is for monitors that do not have a display port already. Basically this adapter gets the display port output from your HD 5870 and converts it to DVI. That's the only way you can run Eyefinity.


  1. Hey Jesse, I have a 30" display with 1 DVI output in the back (no other outposts). I have a new gaming laptop with a GeForce GTX 675MX card. This has a DVI, an HDMI and a normal size DisplayPort in the back. I have tried taking the DVI cable out of the Desktop (2560x1600) and plugging it in to the laptop to hopefully achieve the same resolution, but it doesn't. It can only get to 1200ish.. 1200x800 I think it was.. Do I need to buy one of these products so that I can bypass the DVI in the back of the laptop and use the DisplayPort? Will it need that additional USB power? I have USB 3.0

    Any help would be appreciated. All the best.

    1. If you use a "DisplayPort to DVI WQXGA" adapter your 30" monitor should be able to display the 2560x1600 resolution. The adapter above should handle it. There may be even better adapters available in the market. Just search on Google for "DisplayPort to DVI WXGA adapter".

      Some thoughts...

      HDMI has different limits, and depends on the version and cable length. 1.3 allows up to 2560x1600... but most systems have 1.0 which can go up to 1920x1080 or 1920x1200.

      There are different versions of DVI, such as DVI-I and DVI-D (both having single and dual link modes) It can get complicated.

      The reason you can get 2560x1600 from your desktop PC is because you have a DVI-D or DVI-I in that system. The gaming laptop in the other hand may have a different DVI version which limits the output. The monitor is capable of handling the higher resolution... so using an DisplayPort to DVI can work. However, if the adapter outputs does not allow the higher resolution then it would be a waste of money. Many cheap/low quality adapters only go up to 1080p. Look for "WQXGA" adapters (WQXGA = 2560x1600). Usually these adapters need the extra power, so you will have to use a USB port to power them up.

      That's it.