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Feb 25, 2010

Melbourne IT Review

I used Melbourne IT for one of my domains.  They are a big company in Australia that manages millions of domains.  One of them is Twitter.

At first there were some issues:
Could not create CNAME records to redirect my domain to a blog
Could not call them via phone
Their web help files are ok, not great
Customer support takes about 1 week to respond to your emails

When their customer service failed I decided to do the logical thing of destroying the company around the web (wikipedia, blogs, facebook, twitter, letter to ICANN, and so on).  Then I decided to contact the CEO Theo Hnarakis and showed him what I was doing.  Theo Hnarakis gave a "shit" about his company so within a few minutes I got a call from customer service with someone who could do something about my problem.

Interestingly not even he could do anything about it.  He had to take it to "higher" tiers.  It went all the way to engineers who spotted a system bug and eventually fixed it.  Apparently there was some issues with their domain management system and my actions helped resolve a CNAME creation error that affected anyone who was creating CNAME records.  Something useful came out of drastic action and it wasn't a user created error, it was a big error in their system that would have pissed tons of people.

This is an excellent example of why big companies have issues with customer services.  Everything takes time, no one but the engineers know how the system works and customer service reps only know what has been written for them to tell you.  If you have issues with anything Melbourne IT I highly recommend trying to reach an executive who can point a competent person to fix problems.

The problem is fixed and my domain works fine thanks to Theo.  Yes I removed the comments,  wikipedia modification, and told ICANN that it was a false alarm.


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