Link Dump 0016

Comedy and the Internet
- Casually Explained: The Club (video).
- The Matrix Behind The Scenes - Shooting (video).

Emergency Kit
- Get Home Bag Contents (list).

- AsRock Mini-STX computer (product page).
- Devastator Robot Kit by Intel Edison (product page).
- ErgoDoz EZ: An incredible mechanical keyboard (product page).
- IBM Model M13 Keyboard with Trackpoint (video).
- MS bets future on a reprogrammable computer chip (old article).
- Novena: An open-hardware computing platform (product page).
- Quiet Linear Mechanical Keyboard Switch (product page).

Health and Fitness
- Gut Shield (aka the Crapsule) released by John Keifer.  It's about prebiotics and probiotics, and he mentions that at one point, three years ago, he was very sick.  On the product page, "If I would have had Gut Shield three years ago I’m confident my 8 day near death experience wouldn’t have happened".
  --In an older podcast he talked about some issues about this, on Research Review 3.  He seems to have changed his mind and it would be good if we hear a podcast with further explanation.  (There may be newer podcast, but I'm listening to the older and catching up with the new ones.)
  -- J.K. talking about hard boiled eggs, and something bad occurring on BIOFM 20, but this podcast is older than the Research Review 3 one. So this may not be
- The Immune System: Paul Ehrlich & Elie Metchnikoff (video).

- Galaxies From Nothing by Veritasium (video).

- CppCon 2016:  Tommy Bennett "Algorithm Mnemonics: Increase your Productivity with STL Algorithms." (video).
- How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016 (article).

- Not OK, Google (article).

- Blue Origin Escape Test (video).
- SpaceX Delivers Critical Docking Adapter for NASA to the ISS (video).

Published: Oct 7, 2016

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