Nov 27, 2014

Infinity Foot Control IN-USB-2 - Images and Box Contents

 Gear: Infinity Foot Control IN-USB-2, other PC foot controllers.

Previously I went through several hand held game controllers.  This time I'm going into some USB controllers that are manipulated by the feet.  This should make sense because those of us that drive already use a form of foot controller.  The use of foot controllers along with the keyboard and mouse can be beneficial--particularly in gaming or in programs in which your hands are already doing something.

Now, the Infinity Foot Control IN-USB-2 is NOT a "game" or "desktop" controller that you can program to do whatever you want.  I bought this device in the belief that I could reprogram the three available switches, this is not the case.  The purpose of this device is for use with specific software--mainly for transcription software.  However, while I could not use it for gaming, I do admire the build quality of the device.  More info below.


Box packaging.  Unlike many controllers this is a heavy one, at about 2 lbs.  This weight means that the device will stay in place quite well.

The build quality is superb.  There are three available switches.  Two on the sides and one big one in the middle.  The left pedal is to rewind, the middle is to play/pause, and the right for forward audio.

The bottom side of the device simple and will work well on many surfaces.  The cable length is 7.70 feet long.

Side switch not pressed.

Side switch pressed.

Front switch not pressed.

Front switch pressed.

For size comparison: the IN-USB-2 foot controller next to the Logitech G700s mouse.

There is no included software, and there is no setup guide. You have to go to  http://www.altoedge.com/setup/pedals/vec-infinity-foot-pedals.html and get Express Scribe. The sad part about this magnificently built controller is that you CANNOT use it with other software (games, windows, etc).  It's too bad because this would be the controller that I would have kept, but I just couldn't reprogram the switches.  I'll post a video so that you can get acquainted with the intended use.

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