Aug 31, 2013

Logitech G700s - Box Contents, Some Thoughts, and VS G700

Gear: Logitech G700s, Logitech G700, other Gaming Mouse.

Since 2012 I have used the Logitech G700, a rechargeable wired and wireless gaming mouse, and it has been great!  Today I will cover the G700s, which is a slightly better mouse; although it does not offer major advantages.


Front side of the box.

Right side of the box.

Back side of the box.

Close up of back of the box.

Left side of the box.

The box with the front flap opened.

Box contents: USB cable, USB extension cable, USB receiver, Warranty Card, User Guide, and Logitech G700s unit.

Logitech G700 vs G700s.

Both of these devices are for right handed individuals, sorry lefties.

The body is identical.  The only physical difference of the shell is the fancy sticker on the G700s.

The mouse offers a design that is comfortable over prolonged periods of use.

There are 13 programmable buttons, 5 on-board profiles, DPI change at your command, and you can check the battery life.

The scroll wheel has two modes: clicky and slide.  The G700s offers the same button feel when switching modes.  The G700s has a different feel when the button is pressed.  The wheel on the G700s feels tighter than the G700.

Both are great, if you must afford one but are on a budget the G700 will be as good.  Frankly I can't tell the difference on the performance achieved by each.

The bottom is the same.  If you game wirelessly then expect a short battery life, if you use the mouse for desktop then expect a good amount of time.  I was more specific with the G700 on this regard.  Regarding software, the G700s is more user friendly than the G700.

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