Oct 24, 2014

Tronsmart Mars G01 Wireless Controller - Package Contents and Images

The Tronsmart Mars G01 is a controller that has compatibility with PC, PS3, and Android.  The controller is also wireless.  There are other controllers available on the market and I'll share my thoughts about them at the following link: PC Game Controller Comparison.

For images of the package and manual continue below.

 Back of the box.

 By far the simplest and most elegant packaging so far.  It's incredibly easy to put the contents back in the box.

 The controller and accessories.

This is a good looking controller.

 The shoulder buttons are quite good.

 The bottom side.

 Rubber grips on the sides.

 The manual was written by a non English native, but for the most part it's written well.

 The button layout.

 The shoulder analog and digital buttons.

 XInput and and DirectInput are supported.

 The controller is easy to setup.

 Windows setup.

 Android setup, part 1.

 Android setup, part 2.

Playstation 3 setup.

This is how Windows deals with the controller.

For my thoughts on this and several game controllers check the following link: PC Game Controller Comparison.

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