Oct 24, 2014

Razer Sabertooth USB Game Controller - Package Contents and Images

The Razer Sabertooth is one of the most expensive gaming controllers for Xbox 360 and PC--it started at $99 but it has dropped to around $70.  It's actually a pretty good controller, but there can be several improvements.  I'll share what those improvements are when I compare it with a few other controllers--check the following link for the details: PC Game Controller Comparison.

For images of the box contents and a few small details continue below.

 The side of the box.

 The back of the box--fancy isn't it?

 Rhetoric technique by the use of appeal to authority--Aristotle.

 Some details.

 Compatibility with Windows and Xbox 360.  Also, the details of the cable length.

 Package contents summary.

 Wow!  Look at how sleek this looks!

 The package contents.

 The controller feels as good, if not better, than the Xbox controller.

 The back side.

 The shoulder buttons.  Notice the extra buttons along with the weird port.

 The bottom side is also quite unique.  Each one of the triggers on the bottom side is actually two buttons--in total we have four buttons.

 The nomenclature of the controller.

 You can remove the bottom side triggers if you like.  There are also caps to change the feel of the analog sticks.

 This is a wired controller.  The controller is backlit (you can change this), and can have several profiles.  You can adjust the analog sticks, change map buttons to the trigger buttons (both the bottom ones and the shoulder ones).

The controller has rumble features, which can be changed.  I could not get Windows to do rumble though...

This is how Windows 8 sees the controller.

This is an exciting controller, but I recommend that you check the summary of my thoughts regarding several controllers.  Check the following link: PC Game Controller Comparison.

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