Dell Wireless Touchpad and Lenovo Touchpad K5923 - Box Contents, Images, and Details

 Gear: Dell Wireless Touchpad, Lenovo Touchpad K5923.

These are two touchpads which I did not have much success with.  The Dell's software did not install properly in my Windows 7 system (Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet)... no matter how much I  tried!  On the other hand, the Lenovo Touchpad K5923 did not have a USB receiver included... so there will not be much to say in this post.  But if you are interested you can view some of the images and some of the few details below.

 Back of the box.  Lenovo has a list of the supported multi-touch features.

 The box contents.  The Dell uses two AAA batteries, the Lenovo uses two AA batteries.  Both use a small USB dongle... which the Lenovo package did not have!

 The Dell touchpad has glass-like surface similar to the Logitech T650.  The Lenovo touchpad has a plastic surface that is similar to the Perixx Peripad-702.

 The back of the touchpads: the Dell has a rubber bottom, the Lenovo has a plastic bottom.  In my opinion the Dell touchpad is superior as the body feels sturdy.  The Lenovo K5923 feels flimsy.

 The on/off slider switch on both touchpads.

Page one of Dell's Wireless Touchpad gestures.

 Page two of Dell's Wireless Touchpad gestures.

 Page one of Lenovo's K5923 touchpad multi-touch gestures.

Page two of Lenovo's K5923 touchpad multi-touch gestures.  As you can observe, the Lenovo touchpad has a long list of gestures.

It's a shame that I could not get the Dell software to work. It's also a shame that my Lenovo Touchpad K5923 did not have a USB dongle (and I did not have time to get a replacement).  Of course, Youtube and other websites will have more details regarding these touchpads on proper systems.  I wish I could say more, but I cannot.

More information:

There are many touchpad options available on the market.

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Published: May 4, 2014

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