Ergonomic Touchpads - Velcro Backed USB Touchpads

Over the course of the following few days I'll go over several USB touchpads.  Today we'll begin with the touchpads by a company called "Ergonomic Touchpads."  Many of their touchpads are geared toward allowing the user to select the whatever placement they desire; and they do so through Velcro.  More details and images below.

The most simplistic, but effective, packaging.

Each touchpad kit comes with several Velcro strips.  The back of each device also has has Velcro!

Small Touchpad
  • Very responsive.
  • Longer USB cable (by about two inches).
  • Supports basic mouse functions: mouse movement, left click, double click, tap-n-drag.
  • GlidePoint Control Center software adds functions.
    • Edge functions: Scroll left/right, up/down, zoom in/out, back/forwards.
    • No multi-touch gestures.

Bigger Touchpad
  • Mostly same as Small touchpad.
  • GlidePoint Control Center
    • Same as Small Touchpad but adds multi-touch gestures.
    • 2-finger gestures: rotate, pinch/zoom, 2-finger pan.
    • 3-finger flick gestures up, down, left, right with customizable functions such as: PageUp, PageDown, Maximize Window, Minimize Window, Restore Window, Minimize All Windows, Restore All Windows, Windows File Explorer, Default Web Browser, Default Email, Default Media, Back, Forward, GlidePoint Controls, Assign Shortcut (ie open a file).
  • The 3-finger gestures are not as responsive as 2-finger gestures. The 2-finger pan gesture is not as responsive as edge scroll function.
  • The bigger touchpad allows the user to have more precise control over the cursor due to its bigger surface area.

  • Do not have physical buttons.
  • Offer Velcro so you can attach the touchpads wherever you want.

GlidePoint Control Center
  • Manages individual devices. Both Small and Bigger Touchpad can be used with their respective settings. However, when both touchpads are connected the smaller one tends to become less responsive.
  • The software allows you to rotate to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees. Changing the rotation also changes the edge functions accordingly. The touchpad though is not going to reverse left/right as the Tablet Touchpad does.
  • All multi-touch gestures, edge-functions, etc. can be enabled/disabled. The existing edge-functions are fixed to a particular edge. The two finger gestures are also fixed. The 3-finger flick gestures are fully customizable.

GlidePoint Control Center Software

More information:

There are many touchpad options available on the market.

Other touchpads:

Published: Apr 30, 2014

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