Jul 11, 2013

Rolls HA43 Pro 4-Channel Studio Amp Mixer - Details & Images

In a previous post I talked about splitting audio signal with an Atomic 5-way splitter which in my opinion gave sub-par results.  I also mentioned that a mixer would be a better tool for properly disseminating a signal as it allows more control of each channel's volume.  After about a week of not really getting a "seamless wired and wireless" experience I chose to purchase a small amp/mixer by Rolls.

So far the experience has been great.  I can split my audio signal to each channel, and control each channel's volume.  There is a small drawback, when audio goes through the device you can hear some amplification noise.  This noise is especially noticeable when using headphones.  But this noise can be reduced by lowering the volume sliders to less than 7 or 8, and by using a noise filter (PAC Ground Loop Isolator).

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the results.

Info links:

The package.

Back side of the package.

The package's contents: power adapter, user guide, and Rolls HA43 Pro unit.

The unit has volume sliders for each of the four channels.  Each channel can have a 1/4 and 1/8 (3.5mm) as an output.

The back of the unit: power input, RCA red and white as input, and 1/4 as input.

Bottom side of the unit.

One configuration: audio from laptop to filter, from filter to Rolls, from Rolls to devices (in my case I have headphones, speaker, and Bluetooth transmitter).

This other configuration is better for headphones.  The audio goes from the source to the Rolls, from the Rolls to a noise filter, and from the filter to headphones.

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