Jul 6, 2013

Avantree Saturn BTTC-200X-BLK Bluetooth Apt-X Transceiver - Box Contents and Images

Gear: Avantree Saturn BTTC-200X-BLK.

By far the most popular post on this blog has been the List of Apt-X Compatible Devices.  The post has been used by thousands of people in an effort to find quality products with Apt-X technology.  Today I am posting the details regarding one of the most popular Apt-X devices on that list: the Avantree Saturn transceiver.

The Saturn, or BTTC-200X-BLK, is  a two-in-one device.  It has the capability of transmitting as well as receiving Bluetooth with Apt-X.  By far one of the better value for money devices available.  Check the images and videos below.



Right side of the box.

Back side of the box.

Close-up of the top back side of the box.

Close-up of bottom back-side of the box.

All of the box contents.

User guide and "Cash for Feedback" card.

The features of the Saturn device.

USB cable, goes from full USB to micro USB.

3.5mm male to male adapter.

3.5mm male to male cable.

RCA (white,red) to 3.5mm female cable.

Top and front side of the Avantree Saturn: TX transmitter side and RX receiver side switch, Multi-function Button, and LED Indicator.

Bottom side of the unit.

Back side of the Saturn: 3.5mm in/out audio jack, micro USB port.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jesse, thanks for the tip with the Avantree.
    I have investigated a bit and I have found that they make a Saturn Pro which has got Low Latency Aptx, and a model called Priva which also is low latency.
    I ordered the Avantree Priva. Is is only trasmitter, so it cannot be set as receiver if needed (but I do not need it).
    But it has got multipoint, so I can connect two headphones at same time (which is for me cool because my actual hobby is to review BT Headphones, so I buy many together and for a side to side comparison this multipoint will be very useful. Other people would use it to hear same music or watch same films together, or to play videogames together. Or just to leave always their two main devices connected, like Headphone and speakers).
    I'll let you know my impressions.