Soundmatters foxLv2 Platinum - UKpro TT10 Mini Travel Trunk

Gear: Soundmatters UKpro TT10, foxLv2 Platinum.

This is a neat portable travel case for the foxL series of speakers.  The video and images have all the details.


Not many things in the box.  :)

Looks sturdy.  This case is built with hard plastic.

Comparison with the foxLv2 Platinum.

Pressure equalizer.

The inside has padding that will protect the contents.

A carrying strap.

How much stuff can you put inside the trunk?

You can add the power adapter, stereo cable, usb cable, a replaceable head, the non-slip mat, and the foxL speaker. 

Everything is now inside.

The case closed.  The cover snaps well and does not wobble or move around.

Published: Apr 23, 2013

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