Dell U3011 - AX510PA Soundbar (Speakers)

Alt video. Gear: Dell AX510PA, Dell U3011, Soundmatters foxLv2 Platinum, Sony PJ710V.

The AX510PA is a soundbar that attaches to the bottom side of the Dell U3011. At a price of $20, this speaker is fairly affordable.

Audio Sample 2


The box.

Box packaging.

Box contents: power adapter, AX510PA unit.

Power adapter info.  If you use the Dell U3011 monitor then you don't need to use this power adapter.

Front of speaker: two drivers are barely visible.

Left side: two headphone jacks.

Right side: knob that powers on/off and changes volume level.

Back side: audio and power cables.

Back of Dell U3011 monitor.

The place where the AX510PA attaches to.

Unlocked position of the speaker bar.

Locked position of the speaker.

Stereo out from Del U3011 to the speaker's audio cable.

U3011 speaker power port.

How the speaker looks like when attached.

Zoom out of the U3011 and AX510PA.

Soundmatters foxLv2 Platinum attached to the AX510PA.  Can the $20 AX510PA compete against the $230 foxLv2?

You may also need to assign the proper audio device:

Published: Apr 23, 2013


  1. Thanks for the video, very helpful for the AX510. However, the price gap between the 2 is too enormous, make this a very unfair comparison. I doubt anyone in the market are deciding between these 2 speakers.

    1. I have no doubt that the speakers are very different in quality and price. But, if you own an expensive monitor then having quality speakers is likely something that you will desire. So, I have showed what the two may be able to achieve.