Gunnar Optiks Rocket Onyx Frame Computer Glasses

Gear: Gunnar Optiks Rocket Onyx Frame

Every day I spend several hours on the computer, and the bright LCD backlights have an effect on my eyes. Usually my day ends with red veiny eyes, which means that they are dry and fatigued.  Along with my eye fatigue headaches are normal.  Every once in a while I have to resort to a "no computer day" to recover. Of course I could just lower the brightness on the computer screens, but then I miss a lot of important details when editing images and video. The Gunnar glasses help reduce this stress.  Here are the box contents and some of my thoughts.

Opening the box.

Everything inside the box: a pamphlet, the glasses, and a carrying pouch.

Some details.

Advertisement for other Gunnar glasses.

The glasses are very light.

You must have 20/20 vision to use these glasses.  I have 20/20 on my left eye, and slightly less in my right eye.  They still work fine.

These gummy pads will support the glasses comfortably.

The frame seems sturdy.

The lens are secured quite well.

The glasses give white spectrum colors a yellowish tint.

The glasses are reflective, therefore you can even see your own eyes.

Anything bright will reflect on the surface.

While I can deal with the change of color (through the yellow tint), the reflection can become annoying.

 A video camera taking film without glasses.

 Effects of a video camera taking film with the glasses on.  Yes I know these glasses are meant to be used indoors, but this should give you an idea of what to expect with the changes in colors.

Other notes:
The Gunnar glasses are effective at reducing computer eye strain. Of course, it's better if you reduce the brightness of the computer + have the Gunnar glasses.  I sure hope that Gunnar continues to develop their glasses and reduce that inside reflection.

Published: Dec 29, 2012

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