Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Battery Life (X67+)

Gear: X230T, X67+ Battery, 19+ Slice Battery, BatteryBar Pro.

To get a proper estimate of the X230T's battery life it is important to have a good tool, I use BatteryBar, which tracks the battery's run-time over a period of time.

After a close to a month of tracking the X230T's 6-cell battery gives me an average of 4 hours 38 minutes. If you do 3D gaming you can expect the battery to last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Of course you can extend and reduce the battery life by controlling the process count, screen brightness, wireless antennas, and even power to the USB/ExpressCard ports. Use the Power Manager to tweak your settings. If you are curious on the results of the X220T click here.

I recommend getting the 6-cell battery, which is available at places like Amazon and goes by the name of X67+. There is a 3-cell battery available, but I wouldn't bother with it as the run-time would be a lot shorter. Don't have regret and get the 6-cell.

If you do want to double your run-time you can also get the 19+ slice battery, which is another 6-cell battery.


Published: Oct 11, 2012


  1. Silly question: in the video, how do you get the brightness bar to show the level on screen? My previous HP laptop did this, but when I use function keys on my Lenovo, they work but don't show on screen output. I'm also wondering if there is an on-screen way to see when you turn Caps lock on/off.


    1. I think you might be missing a few drivers and software. There are on screen symbols/messages for volume changes, mic, brightness, CapsLock, backlit keyboard modes, and probably a few others. You can get the drivers/software from Lenovo's website.

    2. hola una consulta jesse, necesito saber cual es la batería con mas duración para una thinkpad x230 tablet, batery 6 cell 67+?


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