Oct 18, 2012

iPod Nano 7G - Images and Box Contents

Nano 7G and Box Contents

Many comments and images regarding this slim media player.

Box Contents.

No mic or remote on Earpods.

Lightning Connector cable.

Lightning Connector.

The new Earpods.

The new vertical design.

The Home button.

Bottom side, audio jack with support for mic and remote, and lightning connector port.

Top side, sleep/wake button.

Volume up, play/pause/skip, and volume down buttons.

The Nano 6G has a brighter screen.

The 7G is thinner and does not have a clip.

The width of the 7G is less than the 6G.

You can view more with the new vertical screen, and there is quick access to Bluetooth 4.0 (which is really good).

 Many 7G apps are similar to 6G.

 Some of the apps have been redesigned.

There are many colors available.

On a future post I will go over some of the differences of the 6G and 7G. There are several improvements, and some things which the 6G is better at.

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