Sep 12, 2012

New Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation (7G 2012)

I have been a big fan of the iPod Nano 6G and Apple has finally introduced a new version.  I like the Nano series because they are very simple and effective media players, and their small size is great for exercise workouts (particularly running). I might get one to compare it against my Nano 6G.

 The Nano 7G has a bigger screen, and is more iPod Touch like.

FYI, the 6G had a "revision" last year, but it wasn't a completely new product. The 6G is a brand new product.

 Some hints of "iOS" in here.  Multi-touch remains, but there is an addition of a "Home" button.

 We can see here the home menu, music player, radio, pictures, fitness, and video apps.

 Fitness/Nike+ returns.

 Video was absent in the 6G, the 7G has video playback!

 There are many colors to choose from.

 The 7G is 5.4 mm thick, and is thinner.  There is no "back clip".

The new screen is 2.5 inches diagonally.

16GB Nano 7G for $149, launch date in October 2012 

 The new "EarPods" earphones.

The iPod "Product Red" line.

More info coming to:

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