Jul 7, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Photodon Screen Protective Film (HD Anti Glare screen protector)

Gear: Photodon Screen Protector, X230T Accessories.

I highly recommend getting some kind of screen protection for the X230T. I have only owned the system for about two weeks and I did manage to get a few scratches in. The scratches may be caused by the digitizer tip or eraser.

The protective film that I got is the Photodon HD Anti Glare Film that was made for the X220T, but it also works with the X230T.

The contents of the package have everything that you need to clean, test, and place your new screen protector. The package does have clear installation instructions.

The most important thing about the installation process is to keep a clean environment, any dust or lint will show.

It is also a good idea to get rid of those air bubbles when you place the film on the screen. It will be harder to remove these bubbles if you do it later.

Width and height
The height of the screen film is spot on. The width of the film covers the entire usable screen, but it does not go all the way to the end of each flushed bezels. If you want the film center you need to leave a few millimeters off on each side.

Effects of the screen protector
The screen will gain some glossiness/glare that was previously not seen. This will be more noticeable when you have the X230T outdoors. You can still read text outdoors.

The accuracy of the digitizer and finger touch input does not seem to be affected.

Annoyance label
Photodon decided to include a label that reads "photodon.com", which is an annoying and unnecessary branding move. Because the X230T converts the label will be seen upside down at one time or another. So a great product now has turned into a good product.

This film will protect your screen from your digitizer. In my opinion it is better to eventually have to replace a screen film than the entire touch panel (which could be very expensive and a hassle). If Photodon had not included their stupid label then I would be even happier.

Photodon Screen Protective Film Images



  1. I got the screen protector as well, and I have to say that the accuracy of the digitizer might not have changed, but the screen is less sensitive to touch input, which is annoying. I wish there was a place to adjust touch sensitivity...
    The photodon.com, though, in my opinion, is barely noticeable, and doesn't bother me much. Sure, it would be nice if it weren't there, but the lenovo logo is much more noticeable than the photodon.com.
    The other thing is that I've been having some weird touch screen behaviour. It could have to do with the screen protector, but I'm not quite sure.

    1. I didn't feel a change on the accuracy of the finger touch, but I did notice a difference in "feel" due to the new surface material (it's like sliding fingers on plastic instead of that smoother glass).

      I have heard horror stories regarding protective films. Sometimes they might even work like a capacitor and store electricity, which when that electricity is released can cause sparks and even short the system. Lets hope it doesn't happen with this screen film.

      What kind of weird behavior are you getting?

  2. Hi Jesse,

    Excellent videos so far. I got my X230t around the same time as you and my upgrades are the same too (Corsair 16GB RAM, Samsung 830 256GB SSD). It's funny because not long after I installed them, I see your videos pop up.

    I also got the Photodon protector last week and agree with your assessment. The screen protector itself is pretty good -- just a small amount of glare which is fine since there's very little graininess and brightness loss. Their logo also really annoys me, especially since it isn't centered either. I have the logo above the hinge and it's very obvious that it's off to one side and so it looks sloppy. They should really mention it on their site or at least have an option to get one without it.

    I'd like to offer some additional tips on any screen protector installation:
    - See how well everything fits before applying
    - Use tape to remove dust that is stuck to the protector
    - If you mess up really badly, these kind of protectors and be rinsed with water to remove the dirt and you can start again
    - A good dust free area is the bathroom after showering with warm water, just make sure it isn't too humid
    - Take your time -- it can take a while, but you can get it so that there isn't a single spec of dust under the protector

    1. What is the best way to dry the protector after rinsing it to remove the dirt?

  3. I've heard people saying that the 13.1 inch screen protector works better because it doesn't have that gap. It does go off the screen but the guy who did it said it was better when he was writing with the pen so his pen never fell off the screen protector.

  4. Here's the link if you want to see how it looks with the 13.1 inch http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/lenovo-ibm/51065-x230t-screen-protector.html

  5. I just put on the GEARMAXX Screen Protection film from eBay (Standard quality). The film affixes with a silicon adhesive, and so far, touchscreen and stylus functionality seem fairly acceptable (though I do have a press a little harder than usual with my finger). There is also no logo on the film itself, so it might be worth a shot.
    I've been following your posts for the x230t, and they've been a big help. Upgraded my RAM and SSD with your help, so I just wanted to say thanks.

    1. Thanks for sharing the info on the GEARMAXX, and I'm glad the SSD and RAM info was useful.

  6. Photodon listened to all the complaints about the etching and is no longer putting their logo on the screen protector, just so you know.

  7. Can you post a picture showing the gap between the edge of the screen protector and the lip/edge of the lid?

    What does it measure from lip to lip in the vertical and horizontal directions? Like to order a custom screen protector.

    My X230t is in the US and I am elsewhere--hence my request.