Samsung Series 7 Slate - Screen Separation Issues

When I began posting videos about the Series 7 Slate I was contacted by Tim who has been doing a great job at Tablet PC Review Forums. He mentioned that some units were having screen separation issues.

My Slate's Info:

The BA corresponds to year and month of manufacture. BA means a manufacture date of 2011 October, BB would mean 2011 November, BC would mean 2011 December. For more info check Tim's post at the forums "post you batchnumber/modelnummer and state of screen".

At first I did not notice anything wrong with my system. After the first week the bottom bezel(near the Home button) began to show some "flexing". With two weeks worth of use the screen does come up above the frame. It has risen up to the point where it could allow dust to enter the system. Pushing the bezel down makes it flush with the rest of the frame for a short period of time. Eventually it rises up again. The top and side bezels are fine, the only problem has been on the bottom side. Maybe during the manufacturing they forgot to add sufficient or the correct glue.

If you order a Samsung Series 7 Slate it may be better to wait until Samsung corrects the problem. The manufacturing date is important as it seems that more recent batches have less screen separation issues.


Published: Dec 11, 2011


  1. that suux such a awsome tablet!

  2. Yep. I'm sure Samsung is getting plenty of complaints. Hopefully they fix the problems soon.

  3. If I Drop It off at a Samsungservice centre could they repair It ?


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