Samsung Series 7 Slate - Dragon Naturally Speaking

Gear: Series 7 Slate, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Bose MIE2i.

What is Dragon Naturally Speaking?
Software that turns speech to text.

  • Probably the best voice recognition software for PCs
  • Can be trained to deal with different accents
  • Excellent for slate tablets (which don't have keyboards)
  • Customization (toolbar, floating, or system tray icon)
  • Can add custom commands (Premium and Pro versions)

  • Expensive software
    • Home $99
      • Home premium is very limited.
    • Premium $199
      • Premium offers bluetooth and some commands
    • Pro $599
      • Pro has all the features.
  • If you are not an eloquent speaker this is not the software for you.
  • Must have a quiet environment for software to work properly.
  • Training sessions can take many hours of your life.

I wish Dragon Naturally Speaking was a bit more affordable and that way Nuance can create a dabatase with more different types of accents and improve the software.

In my personal opinion the idea of speech to text is neat, but there are some shortfalls. For Dragon Naturally Speaking to be efficient you must ditch the keyboard, which is hard to do. Once the keyboard is out of the way Dragon can now listen to you and try to adapt until it's very efficient. The problem is that we humans don't like to see mistakes when dictating and may not have enough patience until Dragon gets good.

The demo text results:
This is a demonstration on Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

It seems like it's doing just fine, however I think it could be even better.

There are several problems with this software sometimes people aren't very eloquent in their way of his if this is the case then everything can be trouble.

Published: Dec 14, 2011


  1. thanks for this post.

  2. Which Headphones do you recommend for this tablet?
    Will the ones in the box of the Dragon Professional work on the tablet?

    1. I am not sure which specific headset is provided with Dragon Professional, it is not clearly stated at

      What works well with the tablet:
      Stereo + MIC headsets (nicknamed "combo", like the Bose MIE2i)
      USB headset
      Bluetooth headset

      What does NOT work well with the tablet:
      Headsets with split stereo and mic connectors. (this is due to the Series 7 Slate having a "combo jack"

      If you are going to be doing voice dictation I recommend a headset with the "combo" jack or USB. You can view many options that Nuance recommends at



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